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www.News-Reporter.com has local news on internet...today!

The News-Reporter

is now online!

As of today, July 14, internet users in Wilkes County, across the country, and around the world can now access www.NewsReporter.com and read the latest happenings here as soon as the paper is published.

Access to the newspaper online is being managed through OurHometown.com, an online service used by small-town weekly papers all over the country.

In addition to the news, sports, and community columns in The News-Reporter's print edition, every advertisement in the newspaper is now visible online, extending the advertising reach to millions of potential buyers. Ads rotate positions throughout the online edition, and each ad can be clicked on to bring it to full size on the screen. The service is provided to advertisers at no cost for now.

Soon, direct links to community web sites and advertisers' web sites will be placed throughout the online paper, and plans are in the works to create a community directory with clickable links to instantly take the reader to any organization, business, or individual in the directory.

And that ain't all. Unlike the print edition, the online edition of The News-Reporter has all color digital photographs, and readers may click on photos to view them at a larger size.

Readers can subscribe to the print edition online, and anyone can submit and pay for a classified ad through the web site. All classified ads will also, of course, be online.

Eventually, the site will also have wedding forms, obituary forms, and other helpful items to make it easy for readers to submit articles for publication.

The web site also contains a searchable archive of The NewsReporter beginning with the June 23, 2005 issue, and every subsequent issue. Syndication via RSS is also available, as are links to e-mail the newspaper staff.

And yes, the Office Cat is alive and well in cyberspace. Some things just can't change.

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