2005-07-14 / Letters

Smaller farmers can bring back jobs, prosperity


We, the Family Farmer Organization, Inc., are a non-profit group of farmer-ranchers in Eastern Montana who want to continue farming. Below cost income and high bids for the land made this a problem. Polls and surveys have told us that consumers believe that the smaller operator could be depended upon to raise healthful food and produce it in abundance. We, the small operators of farms and ranches have the resources to produce food in abundance.

We take care of the land and the environment as our own. If farming is profitable, it brings prosperity to our communities and the entire nation.

The government’s policy of cheap food from “Bigger is Better” has been devastating to the small farmer. Yet, “Smaller is Best” for people world wide! The report of the United Nations Conference at Maastricht, Netherlands, September 14, 1999 states: small farmers world wide produce from 2 to 10 times more per unit area than do larger corporate farmers.”

In our country from 1942 to 1953, our 7 million farmers under fair parity prices gave our nation phenomenal prosperity, which in turn gave Truman a balanced budget in spite of heavy World War II costs! In France, it was the small farmers who saved that nation from starvation after World War II. In Russia, it was the farmers with their allotted three acres who out-produced the State Farms. Further, we were told by a visiting professor from mainland China that one province of 90 million people, became an exporter of food in three years after each family was given a three acre lot of land.

With support for the smaller farmer-rancher we can bring our nation back to good natural food, prosperous businesses, and jobs for those who want employment.

AL P. SCHMITZ, President

Family Farmer Organization

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