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By SHERRY W. NEWSOME Please call 678-2898


Please call 678-2898

I hope you all had a happy Fourth of July. I did not do a lot but enjoyed eating out and having a quiet evening. Since I was out of town I’m a week late with the holiday. Russell Goldman of Doraville spent the Fourth with his mother, Mrs. Sara Huff. Others who visited were Linda Standard, Peyton Standard, Alex Dunaway, and Chris Standard from Louisiana. Mr. and Mrs. Billy Glenn and Laura Harper spent a week with Mr. and Mrs. John Eggenspiller in Washing Courthouse, Ohio. (Funny name, isn’t it?) It’s close to Columbus, Ohio. Mrs. Eggenspiller is Mrs. Glenn’s daughter. We are sorry to hear that Mrs. Florence Turpin Ingram is in the hospital.

We wish for her a speedy recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shank of Lexington, S.C., spent the weekend of the Fourth of July with Mrs. Hal Shank. Judy Shank visited Miss Clifford Shank while here. Miss Betty Moore spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Ray Adams. She enjoyed going to Mt. Zion for church. Miss Grace Dunaway and Alex Dunaway were supper guests of Beverly Teasley in Lincoln County last Monday. On Sunday, I joined my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wallace, and enjoyed church services at Republican Methodist Church in McCormick, S.C. The Cribb family from Hemmingway, S.C., was singing and dinner was served afterwards. Mrs. Bennett Randman of Jackson, Miss., arrived in Atlanta Friday to visit her brother, Kenneth Shank. She arrived in Washington Friday evening to spend some time with her mother, Mrs. Hal Shank. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Shank of Lexington, S.C., also spent the weekend with Mrs. Shank and Ruth. Ruth and Judy attended services at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Joe treated Ruth to a meal at The Fitzpatrick in Washington to honor his sister on her upcoming birthday which was Monday, July 11. Others who visited with the Shanks were Sara Alice Forehand and Vickey Mills of Atlanta who are cousins of Mrs. Shank. I made a pop-call to visit my neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Hughes, who live on Aonia Road. Mrs. Hughes is the former Annie Bridges of Greene County. My dog Henry got too friendly with a skunk and smells horrible. The dampness from the rain makes the odor worse. Our prayer concerns include Rev. and Mrs. Albert Huyck, Edith Anthony, Virginia McClearen, Ann Saggus, Billy Cofer, Bill Wilder, Bobby Randall, John Gentry, Richard Thomason (both in Iraq), Juliette Myerholtz, Florence Ingram, Frances Shank, Warren and Lois Nunn, Carol Harris, Jenelle Newsome, Colleen Turner Griffin, Dot Hardy, Lois South, Ed Burdette, Claire Nelson, David Lindsey, Page Prater, Doris Norman, Ethel Harris, Clifford Shank, Dot Shank, Wilma Bunch, Mary Clary, Linda Albea, Nancy James, and Mona Hall. Chris Standard of Louisiana spent 10 days at home in Thomson and visited Mr. and Mrs. Keith Standard. We extend our love and sympathy to all who lost loved ones. We lost one of our neighbors, Rev. Waldo Harris, and will miss him. Some of his family attend Ebenezer. Have a great week and weekend. Remember: Faith does not make things easy. It makes them possible.

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