2006-02-02 / Worship

Baptist Men’s Day held at TB Jan. 29

Tignall Baptist Church observed Baptist Men’s Day Sunday, January 29.

The morning started with breakfast prepared by some of the men of the church. There were 132 attending Sunday School They were fortunate to have Glen Echols as pianist for the service.

The choir consisted of about 20 men of the church. Two specials in music were from the Kids Alive boys who sang “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” and the ‘allaround group,’ Rev. Dale Fincher, Gary Butts, Ben Long, Josh Fincher, and Ronnie Futch sang “Have a Little Talk with Jesus. Evan Harrison played “Amazing Grace” on the trumpet during the offertory.

Dean Ware gave an inspirational message. Appreciation is extended to all the men of the church for their participation.

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