2006-02-23 / Front Page

Volunteers needed for March emergency drill

Volunteers are needed to play the roles of patients for a large emergency preparedness drill set for Wilkes County early in March.

The emergency exercise, set for Saturday, March 4, will simulate a scenario in which anthrax has been discovered in the Athens post office, and may have spread to the mail in Wilkes County. This imaginary emergency will test the ability of local agencies, including the Wilkes County Health Department, the county Emergency Management Agency, Wills Memorial Hospital, Wilkes Emergency Medical Service, and others, to respond to the threat.

The exercise has already had one rehearsal recently, a tabletop exercise, in which participants from each of the agencies concerned, plus the media, met at the Wilkes County Health Department and went through step-by-step action messages that an actual emergency might generate. Participants discussed the actions that their agencies would take in the event of an actual emergency.

To volunteer, contact Jennifer Jackson, RN, facility administrator for the Wilkes County Health Department at 706-678-2622. The names of all those who volunteer will be listed, and on the day of the exercise they will need to present identification before participating as a patient, according to a statement from the East Central Health District.

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