2006-02-23 / Letters

Number of writers produced by Wilkes exceeds fair share


My good fortune was to marry a Wilkes County girl, Nona Caroline Quinn. One of her attributes is to always subscribe to your NewsReporter, sort of like my uncle and aunt who moved to Atlanta and always subscribed to The Bulloch Times, edited by Dave Turner, who for many years was considered the Dean of Georgia Editors. I knew Mr. Turner well and visited with him in his little office. He reminds me of that sterling Editor Smythe Newsome, whose English was a pleasure to read.

Anyway, I have always been amazed at the number of writers who grew up in Wilkes County. I will not go into names, but you have produced many more than your share. Mrs. Duke must have some of the credit, but there were others before her.

My early memories of radio were listening to Ernie Harwell announcing for WSB and later Richard Harwell was librarian at Georgia Southern College, a scholar in his own right.

My wife’s English is superb, as is her musical ability.

Tell your father that his columns are deeply missed here in South Georgia.

ISAAC N. BUNCE P.S. – After seeing this, my wife says that she and your father had Mrs. Esalee Burdette as English and Latin teacher.

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