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The Office Cat

Flags need to be replaced

If you have any patriotism at all, you know that the condition of

most of the American flags around The Square and in Downtown Washington is deplorable. I am ashamed every time I see them. Most of them have lost their luster, are faded, and some are even tattered and torn. They were a gift more than a year ago and were much appreciated, but the weather and vandalism have taken their toll and they need to be replaced. The News-Reporter is willing to supply new flags to anyone in the Downtown area who would like to have a new one. By pooling resources, if we can get as many as eight orders, we can get the flags and have them mounted on the existing poles. The cost for a 3x5 ft. two-ply flag, which I understand is the most durable, is $25.00. We will supply the flag and install it for you. All you need to do is call us at 678-2636, send us your $25.00, and we will install your flag right away. . . . It would be good to have these flags up and flying immediately and most especially by Tour Time which is March 31 and April 1-2. (This is not a moneymaking project for The News-Reporter. We just think it’s something that needs attention.)

Staff Sgt. Antonio Hunt, son of Ricky and Shirley Mills, is home from a second tour of duty in Iraq and does not expect to have to go back. He arrived home on January 10, and is now stationed at Ft. Benning for a year.

Mary Craven has a new electric scooter and has been seen scootering around town. Her grandchildren like to ride with her and call her “Super Granny.”

Marine Lance Cpl. William Dyson has been in Iraq for quite some time, but has just spent 10 days at home with his family in Washington-Wilkes. He has returned to duty and is awaiting assignment to his second tour of duty in Iraq. William is Betty and Bill Dyson’s son.

Kevin and Alicia Madden were featured in The Christian Index, official newspaper for the Georgia Baptist Convention, in a story about their ministry with the North American Mission Board in West Bank, British Columbia, Canada. Kevin and Alicia are “church planters” and have planted several churches in Canada. He is senor pastor of the Potter’s House Community Church there. . . . A group of women from his ministry in Canada will be coming to the First Baptist Church, Washington, to lead a conference for women.

The Lions Club Evening Breakfast is set for this Saturday night, February 25, from 5 to 7 p.m. at the Lions Club building on Spring Street. Tickets are available from members of the club and at the door Saturday night.

A treasure of pictures and information arrived in the mail last week from Hugh Bernard of Silver Spring, Maryland. Hugh and his family lived in Washington-Wilkes from about 1927 until the 1950s. He has been doing some writing about what he remembers and it’s quite interesting. I will be sharing some of the information in this column and elsewhere in the paper as I have time to glean from it.

Two Wilkes County women will be honored at the Georgia Women of Achievement 15th Annual Induction Ceremony in March. Eliza Frances “Fanny” Andrews and Sarah Porter Hillhouse of Washington will be honored along with Grace Towns Hamilton of Atlanta at the ceremony at Wesleyan College in Macon.

Bill Lee was featured in a very good article in The McDuffie Progress, Thomson and McDuffie County’s newspaper. Bill has been a Wal-Mart employee for 13 years. The article was written by Stephanie Gibson and begins, “It’s nice to see someone take his job seriously. And that’s just what ‘Mr. Bill’ does.” Bill works in the electronics department. He has a collection of 220 badges which he has received during his 13 years with Wal-Mart and he wears them on a vest. The badges are given to employees so they can advertise for companies and support other departments. Bill has close to 220 badges. Another thing that he does to advertise his electronics is to impersonate the voices of celebrity singers, including Billy Ray Cyrus, Ronnie Milsap, and Jimmy Buffet, three of his favorites. “That’s something that not many people would think I could do,” Bill says. So, if you’re in Wal-Mart, listen for a celebrity voice on the intercom and remember that it’s our Bill Lee!

Love Letters will open the 2006 Washington Little Theater season at The Playhouse on North Alexander Avenue Friday, February 24, at 8 p.m., with repeat performances on Saturday at 8 p.m., and Sunday at 3 p.m. Sarah Peacock and Billy Creel are the only members of the cast. . . . Director Joan Baker and her Associate Director, Bolton Lunceford, took the cast to Washington Manor one day last week and presented the play for the residents and staff.

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