2006-03-30 / Front Page

JUMP kids visit Rehoboth Baptist

JUMP students, Girl Scouts, mentors, and volunteers enjoyed "a fun day" Saturday at the Rehoboth Baptist Church in Metasville. "The youth played basketball, kickball, dodge ball, and other fun outdoor games,"said JUMP coordinator Amethyst Wynn. "They were served grilled hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, brownies, cookies, and soda pop by Pastor Rayner and Rehoboth volunteers. It was an enjoyable and memorable event for all. We are always thankful when doors open for JUMP. Our special thanks and appreciation to Pastor Stephen Rayner and the Rehoboth Baptist Church Family." Pastor Stephen Rayner and Wynn, Francine Doughty the Girl Scout leader, and Clifford Hanson, mentor/bus driver.

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