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The Office Cat

Spring forward to 10-digit dialing

eggy Barnett told me a story this week that is reminiscent

of the "Big Bird" story that ran for several weeks in the 1970s. Peg and Ali Hardwick were taking their turn at walking some of the dogs at the Washington-Wilkes Animal Shelter last week. Ali had walked dogs before, but this was a first time for Peg. They walked down a sandy path and noticed what appeared to be huge bird tracks in the sand. Peg said they were bigger than anything she had seen before and she held out both hands to show me. They didn't encounter any big birds on the path, for which they were thankful. When Peg got home she read in the paper that turkey hunting season had started and she wondered if they were turkey tracks, but they would have had to be huge turkeys. She wondered if they were emus - or what. Maybe Big Bird has returned to his old stomping grounds.

I'm late finding out about this item that was in the January issue of Southern Distinction magazine. There was an article, with several beautiful pictures, about small town pharmacies, and our Fievet Pharmacy was included. There was a picture of Joey Fievet helping a customer and there was interesting information about the pharmacy, one of more then 600 small town pharmacies in Georgia. The article says that Fievet Pharmacy lives up to the statement under the sign off Robert Toombs Avenue that reads, "More Than a Pharmacy." Joey has owned the pharmacy since 1974 and Dean Nunn and Marshall Frost are pharmacist-managers. The writer says that Fievet's claims to have the best customers in the world, and that by doing things for their customers, such as making home deliveries, the pharmacy is able to show them how important they are. Once while attending a seminar in Charlotte, N.C., Joey's wife Polly called to tell him about a customer who had just been discharged from the hospital and needed prescriptions filled. Polly drove to Crawfordville to pick up the prescriptions and that night after Joey returned home, he personally delivered the prescriptions to the customer's home. How's that for service? . . . I have been the recipient of that great service. Once when I needed something on Sunday afternoon, Dean went to the drug store, got the medicine, and brought it to my home.

I had a call last week telling me that a movie production company will be filming a movie at Holly Court Inn on South Alexander Avenue in August. Title of the film is "Unknown" and it's fiction about twin brothers in the Hopton family in 1850. More information about the filming will be provided as plans unfold.

Thursday, March 30, is the last chance to get 3x5 ft. American flags for displaying around The Square and Downtown area in time for The Tour, or for homeowners. They are $25 each. Call The News-Reporter and tell us and we will have you a flag Friday morning. The number is 678-2636.

At the end of this school year, Vernilla Clark will retire as secretary at Washington-Wilkes Elementary School after 37 years of service. Most of the time, she is the friendly voice you hear when you call the school. She has meant a lot to students, teachers, and parents through the years with her always courteous, kind, and helpful ways. . . . Mrs. Clark (that's what I've always called her) began as secretary many years ago when I, along with the late Troupe Harris, taught piano in the schools, and she was very helpful to us.

Two important events take place this weekend in addition to The Tour and the musical at The Playhouse. Daylight Saving Time begins at 2 a.m. Sunday morning, April 2. That means that we lose an hour by "springing forward" and setting our clocks ahead one hour. Sunday afternoon is a good time to do what First Baptist Interim Pastor Dr. Charles Strickland has been urging his congregation to do - rest on the Sabbath Day. . . . The other event actually begins on Monday, April 3, when we must begin dialing the Area Code before all local telephone numbers. For example, if you're calling The NewsReporter, you must dial 706-6782636.

Debbie Jackson says they had a great turnout at Tena's Jewelry and Gift Shop Thursday for fans of Emily Ray jewelry to meet Emily Ray herself. Lots of ladies, and a few men, viewed the beautiful selections of jewelry which she brought and enjoyed visiting with her. . . . Marlene Willis won the $100.00 gift certificate for Emily Ray jewelry. Erin Pollock won second prize which was a blue crystal necklace; and Elizabeth Lunceford won the third prize which was another beautiful necklace. It was a fun time.

A new business has opened in one of the stores in the old Wilkes Village shopping center behind McDonald's. It's called Junque and Treasures and is owned by Cheryl Vandievere and Mary Fox who live in Tignall. Cheryl says they "buy outright, accept consignments, and rent booths." They sell to the public, too.

Advertised as "a totally exhilarating hour of singing, dancing, and funny commercials," the 1940s Radio Hour opens at The Playhouse on North Alexander Avenue tonight, Thursday, at 8 p.m. Director Libby Foster says the performance "will be a pleasure to young and old." It's a musical, so reservations are recommended. Other performances are on Friday and Saturday nights, and on Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m.

When Steve Blackmon read in last week's paper that Kay Nelms already had hummingbirds at her feeder, he got his feeder out, cleaned it up, and hung it by his window. On Saturday there was a hummer at the feeder. . . . He also told me that he has a nest of Bluebirds that were due to hatch Tuesday, March 28. He says that in the 58 years since he and Eleanor moved into their house on North Alexander Avenue, they have always had Bluebirds. He keeps track of them and says it takes 12 to 14 days to hatch the babies. Steve also told me about Ben Long and his Bluebirds, but I'll wait for Ben to tell me about them.

A new business - "Talk of the Town" - opens in the Fitzpatrick Hotel building Friday, March 31. It will be in the building next to the Fitzpatrick entrance - 14 West Square - and will feature Nouvelle and Voluspa, candies, fine interior dcor, antiques, gifts, gourmet foods. We have to visit the store Friday to find out what the "Talk of the Town" is and who owns it.

The 2006 Tour of Homes gets underway Friday with the Candlelight Tour and Dessert Soiree from 6-9 p.m. Both of these will also be available for touring on Saturday night. . . . The Day Tour begins at 10 a.m. (until 5 p.m.) with Tour Cars coordinated by the Kiwanis Club and its crew of volunteers available all day. The tour committee hopes that visitors (including local people) will use the tour cars to help minimize traffic. . . . In addition to Washington-Wilkes restaurants, the First United Methodist Church will have a buffet luncheon available from 11:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.; and The Episcopal Tea Room, with snacks and beverages, will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. The Tea Room is advertised as "a place to rest and refresh." If you've never visited the gardens around the Church of the Mediator, you ought to. The area is a very peaceful place. I like it.

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