2007-02-08 / Worship

One-Eyed Monster


Years ago even before it got as bad as it is now, an evan gelist called television "the one-eyed monster." It gets worse as time goes along time goes along because of the i n s a t i a b l e greed and man's depravity to desire more and more immoral trash.

Now we could call the television "the 21-inch septic tank," or garbage dump. Oh, I know we all say, "But think about all the good on there." Well, there's even something to say about that, but that's another article. I've worn out a remote trying to find something good. Some will say, "Well, turn it off!" True. That is an option.

But what takes the cake is some of these new reality shows that send out bad messages that God isn't pleased with. That's why He is going to bring judgment on America. The television show called "Temptation Island" is saying plain and simple, "Try out someone else sexually or any way you won't and if you like them, then cancel your committed relationship with someone else," - no matter how long or whatever. Just look out for yourself. It's all about self-serving.

Notice that they are using only those who are unmarried. This demonic depravity that has infiltrated America will lead them to using even married folks. You've been married for 40 years. Now try you out someone else and if you like them better then dump your lifelong partner. Do you think God is pleased with that? No, a million times no! It is sending out the devil's message. Amen.

Now here's old Flavor Flav - a reality show about this fellow with his corral of beauties. He's really sending out the worst message. He's telling all the poor, underprivileged young folks to start stealing, selling dope, and do anything just to get all the money you can so you can be like old Flavor Flav and have all the women you want and any woman you want. Let's set that straight. Any whore that you want is more like it. The strange thing is that this guy made his money just by rapping off a few rhymed out stupid words. Go figure. Folks do valuable things in life and don't come anywhere near that.

Now, here's old Donald. "The Donald" they call him and his sidekick, the rich high class china man. They were on television bragging about the book they co-wrote. It's about - guess what? That's right. How to get rich. And let me tell you that if you buy their book then they get richer and richer.

I can tell them that I am richer than they are, because I am heir to the throne of God. Glory to God. But it puzzles me why a man like Donald Trump can't buy himself a better hair-do with all that money. Now, I'm not rich but God gave me an eternal heavenly wave that even Donald can't buy with all his riches and I'll say amen.

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