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Severe weather drills set for Wednesday, February 21

Wilkes County will take part in the statewide severe weather exercise February 21 to help prepare citizens to be ready for tornadoes and other severe weather as part of Severe Weather Awareness Week in Georgia.

"The main event of the annual week-long campaign is the Statewide Severe Weather Drill, scheduled for the morning of Wednesday, February 21," Wilkes EMA Director Alan Poss said. "The NWS will issue a test weather warning to initiate the drill. Our local warning sirens here in Wilkes County, plus NOAA Weather Radio and the Emergency Alert System (EAS) will be activated upon receipt of this warning to signal the start of the drill."

Poss said that residents should treat the drill as if it were an actual severe weather emergency. The purpose of the annual drill is to test everyone's readiness for life-threatening severe weather events such as tornadoes, floods, flash floods, and severe thunderstorms.

Governor Sonny Perdue, in cooperation with the Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA), the National Weather Service (NWS) and Georgia's local emergency management agencies, has proclaimed the week of February 19-23 as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Georgia.

Governor Perdue urges families, schools, businesses, government agencies and other institutions to participate in the drill and to use Severe Weather Awareness Week as their springboard into preparing for the 2007 severe weather season.

In the event of actual bad weather on February 21, the statewide Severe Weather Drill will be rescheduled for Friday, February 23. Schools not in session February 21 may conduct their severe weather drill on February 7, 24, or 28 when the NWS initiates its weekly NOAA Weather Radio test.

Washington-Wilkes EMA, GEMA, and the NWS encourage participants to complete a Statewide Severe Weather Drill survey online at www.gema.state.ga.us.

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