2007-02-08 / Letters

Focal point needs another look


I am writing this to protest the new, revitalized town square. The process began in November of 2006. A description of the proposed landscape design to replace the old and dying oak tree was published. The plan was subsequently approved by the D.D.A. with no public debate and no input from the citizens of the community. I thought at the very least that an artist's rendering of the project would be published in the paper prior to the project beginning. I am sure I am not the only person who expected more information before the work began.

Usually, when a large undertak- ing or important change is made in the public sector, the citizens of the community are given the opportunity to express their views and concerns. That was not the case in this instance.

I am also concerned that our local businesses were not asked to participate in this new design. I mean no disrespect to Mr. Aiken, but his was the only design put forth in any public forum. We have several landscape companies (Post Oak Farms, Otter Creek, Miss Fancy Plants, and Henry Harris) who might have enjoyed the opportunity to contribute to their community in this way. Perhaps they would have liked the challenge and subsequent honor of having their design chosen by the citizens, adopted by the city, and implemented.

Our square is a community gathering place. We view it every day. It should be beautiful to the eye and soothing to the soul. While the ligustrum evergreens and the willow oaks are beautiful trees, they will grow too large and too densely to allow the citizens to view the beautiful architecture that surrounds the square. Were these our only choices for replacing the old oak? With all the world of plants and trees available, I cannot believe this was so.

In my opinion, this design is not in keeping with the needs and purposes of our beautiful square. I realize that the oaks have been installed and we may not be able to undo that. I do ask, however, that some reconsideration be given with respect to the focal point in the heart of our town square.


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