2007-05-24 / Letters

Mayor and council should represent all


I always thought the responsibility of the mayor and city council was to protect the rights and wishes of the citizens of their city.

I was disappointed that the mayor and some of the city council disregarded the wishes and concerns of a large group of citizens and taxpayers. They SPOT ZONED a piece of property C-3 which was surrounded on all sides by residences.

The Planning and Zoning committee recommended denial, the people of the community were against it, but the mayor and some council members ignored this and passed this SPOT ZONING. This is the second time they have done this on East Robert Toombs.

The council and mayor need to do away with all zoning and the Planning and Zoning committee since they do not see a need to follow them or the citizens they are supposed to represent.

The mayor and council need to remember they represent ALL the citizens of Washington.


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