2007-05-24 / Letters

Wills specialty clinics benefit all Wilkes citizens, not MCG


I feel compelled to respond to the letter in last week's News-Reporter which stated that Wills Memorial Hospital is "feathering the nest" of MCG. The readers should not be misinformed by that letter.

The reader apparently does not understand that the MCG physicians not only practice and care for patients at our facility, but they also utilize our facility for all of the blood work, x-rays and surgical procedures performed on these patients. Over 150 people are seen in our clinics monthly, not to mention the lifesaving diagnoses and treatments given. All of our local physicians generously support and refer their patients that require specialized care outside the scope of their practice to the MCG clinics.

I would also like to address the issue of 15 rooms that were used for the maternity ward. There were actually 2 patient rooms and 3 birthing rooms and very little was changed to this wing of the hospital other than adding a door. Does it not seem more useful and cost efficient to our community to serve over 150 patients a month than to hope that we will have one baby delivered that month?

I am not being disrespectful, nor would I throw rocks, but I would like for you and the readers to understand just a little of what is going on in the Specialty Clinics at Wills Memorial Hospital. The clinics were brought to Wills Memorial for the benefit of the citizens of Wilkes County, not for the benefit of MCG.

As the nurse for Wills Memorial Specialty Clinics, and employee of WMH for 18 years, I have seen much growth in our hospital, including the nursing staff and administration over the past several years. Everyone is a pleasure to work with. I would also like to say "Thank You" to all of those patients who are dedicated to Wills Memorial Hospital and to Wilkes County. We appreciate you very much.


Specialty Clinic Nurse

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