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Book Review

Birdscaping Your Garden

This book is a practical guide to backyard birds and the plants that attract them. George Adams has given bird lovers a very informative and enjoyable book. He covers everything you could possibly think of in regard to attracting and enjoying birds in your own backyard.

Information on the most important things needed for birds, such as food, water, cover and nesting sites, is discussed. Landscaping techniques, pictures for identification and much more are also covered.

Adams has divided his book into sections that are easy to use. The Bird Dictionary contains not only color photos of each bird but also a black and white drawing by the au- A description of each bird and its habits, sounds, breeding behavior and nesting styles is given. A map is included for each bird, showing its migration and winter range.

Section two, "Growing Native Plants," covers such topics as climate, testing and preparing the soil, mulching and fertilizing, and controlling pests and diseases.

In the "Plant Directory," Adams has also provided color photos of the plants and trees that our native birds like and need to insure a healthy and productive life.

Under each listing, Adams gives information such as the botanical and common names, description of the plants, including size when mature, plus cultivation tips. Also included is a listing of birds that are attracted to that particular plant.

A quick glance at the USDA plant hardiness zone map will help insure you of the correct zoning temperatures tolerated by the plant of your choice.

Adams has provided a detailed index with the page numbers of the birds' pictures highlighted for quick reference. A resource directory and a recommended reading list are also given. The resource directory lists associations, societies and publications that can provide the reader with more information on the lives and needs of our feathered friends.

The reading list contains other books on birds, plants and landscaping you may want to read to expand your knowledge on birdscaping your backyard.

The time is approaching when many of us plant new shrubs and trees for our yards and gardens. This book is a valuable source for ideas on which plants are best suited for your area and birds.

Whether you are searching for a particular bird or just looking through this book, you will certainly enjoy it.

For Birdscaping Your Garden and other books on birds, visit the Mary Willis Library.

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