2007-05-24 / Sports

Bengals finish with 9-0 record

In the W-WPRD soccer league for 9-11-year-olds, the Bengals closed out a perfect season with a 9-0 record with an average winning score of 6-1. The team played against two other W-W teams and four Oglethorpe County teams. Coaches were Kenny Sifre and Dale Thomas.

Team members pictured at right are (front row, l-r) Pedro Padilla, Montell Walton, D. J. Turner, Katie Trimm, Dallas Torres, Quanisia Davis, (back) Serjio Padilla, Heriberto Olalde, Morgan Scott, Gerika Simms, Coach Kenny Sifre, William Thomas, Marlyse Sifre, Marisa Sifre, and Miranda Crook.

Coach Sifre expressed his thanks to Andie Vasquez and friends for their help this season.

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