2007-07-12 / Letters

Outpouring of hospitality makes visit here a blessed experience


A magazine article about a fully restored turn-of-the-century hotel in Washington, Georgia, made us start looking for a map of Georgia. Where in the world was Washington? Was there anything in Washington besides the hotel? If you went to see the hotel, would there be anything else to see or do? Yes! Yes! Yes!

From the minute that we arrived, we were greeted by a local citizen who tried to talk us into buying property and moving there! The community showed us right then that they wanted to embrace visitors with open arms - especially "Miss Fanny" [as portrayed by Elaine Filipiak.]

We met "Miss Fanny" at a local restaurant the first night we were in Washington. With her open arms and heart, "Miss Fanny" introduced us to the history, the beauty, and the stories and the warmth of Washington and its residents. Her outgoing personality opens doors, quenches curiosity, and encourages personal smiling interactions with everyone. Since "Miss Fancy" spent most of her life in Washington, she has lived the Washington experience, learned about history, and embraced its lifestyle.

"Miss Fanny" took us to the local restaurants, antebellum homes, historical landmarks, and some wonderful shopping opportunities. Again, the people were very outgoing and welcoming, so much so, that we excitedly decided to return to Washington two months later. The shopping, the sales, the refreshments in every store, the people, the decorations, and the fun was remarkable. We feel so blessed to have been able to experience this outpouring of hospitality. God bless Washington and its residents!

Dorothy Rogers

Thomaston, Georgia

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