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Tyrone News

By PRISCILLA MAXWELL Please call 706-678-7657

The summer 2007 is really passing. Looks like there has been no time since school turned out for the holidays. There have been class reunions, Vacation Bible Schools, family reunions, family vacations, Fourth of July fireworks and celebrations, church homecomings and revival services throughout the area. There has also been a lot of sickness. .The Vacation Bible School at Phillips Mill Baptist Church this year was among our best. All the VBS team did a super job as usual; even the volunteers serving refreshments every day and getting to top off the week's activities with a hotdog lunch Friday at the finish line. Speaking of one of our favorite teams, those with Kool Aid and cookies are included. The kitchen missed the oldtimers this year -- like Hazel Combs, Virginia Hunter, her sister Helen Lamar, Evelyn Cofer, Eunice Mansfield,Carolyn Burnam, Mary Hawes, Mary Jane McAvoy, and Priscilla Maxwell, and others that are usually counted on due to health problems. Some were able to attend on Friday, coming especially to see the different classes present their programs. Priscilla Maxwell was among those who got to attend on Friday and enjoyed seeing everyone. I got a special wheelchair tour by a tall, smiling, and handsome dad whose children were excited to have both sets of grandparents in attendance. A number of children accepted Christ as their Savior and invited Him into their hearts during the week. Some were baptized Sunday, July 8, during the morning worship service and others will be baptized Sunday, July 15. .Phillips Mill Baptist Church will have homecoming August 12 and revival services August 12-15. Rev. Robert Rayner, pastor, will bring the message Sunday morning and Rev. David Jordan from PenfieldChristian Home will speak Sunday evening. The men from Penfield will be singing and there will be special music by our choir. Monday evening, Rev. Charles Drummond, Georgia Baptist Convention Ministries Resource Consultant, will preach and the music will be by Rev. Skip Padgett, pastor of Robinson Baptist Church. Tuesday, Rev. Jim Olds, pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church, will preach and special music will be by Rev. Steve Rayner, pastor of Rehoboth Baptist Church. Rev. Steve Rayner will preach Wednesday evening and the special music will be by Allen Ivey and the Rehoboth Baptist Choir. .Bring your favorite covered dishes for the homecoming meal. Sunday night there will be an ice cream social especially for the Penfieldmen and all present. Can you fixa churn of ice cream? If so, it will be welcomed. .Phillips Mill Church and interested friends will be glad to know that our youth will be doing a spaghetti supper this Wednesday night, July 18, at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 each or $12 family, and take-outs are available. This will help to take part in the Military Ministry of Campus Crusades which will put Rapid Deployment Kits (RDK) in the hands of our soldiers. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

.We're all glad to year that Mildred Nunn (Mrs. Dan) McAvoy is back home after having surgery at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta last week. We are glad that their daughter, Dorothy Ann Saxon, and daughter-in-law, Claudia McAvoy, were able to go with her and stay close by the whole stay. .Priscilla Maxwell, who felt lucky to attend the final day of Vacation Bible School and all the special attention, had an unwanted surprise to face shortly after returning home that afternoon. The home health folks arrived to discuss having home therapy as I have been in awful pain with my hip and leg for several months now. Shortly they noticed things were not checking out well enough and that I needed special attention quickly. So they called 911 and carried me to St. Mary's Hospital in Athens. I was put in ICU and watched closely. On Monday I had a pacemaker put in and returned to Tyrone Tuesday night after having several nosebleeds. Well, my nose bled some for a few more days, but I got tender loving care as an outpatient at Wills Memorial Hospital and returned to Athens Friday, July 6, for follow-up with two heart doctors. I am to go back Friday, July 27, for another pacemaker check-up. Your prayers and understanding are greatly appreciated for all of our family. Oh! How I wish somehow I could just empty my heart out, sharing not only disappointments, heartaches, over the years, but blessings that no money can buy. That's real and comes from the heart. .Remember. God loves you.

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