2007-07-12 / News

Lundberg News

By SAMILLE SHERRER Please call 706-678-7363

There will be no fifth Sunday covered dish meal this month at Clifford's Grove Baptist Church. Our annual revival will begin August 12. Be making plans to join us then for homecoming that day. .After attending Wednesday night services at the Wilkes County Baptist Church and enjoying ice cream and brownies with the members, Mr. and Mrs. James Sherrer joined the many people in Downtown Washington who came to see the fireworks. It was a beautiful sight. I think it gets bigger and better every year. .On Sunday, July 1, Mr. and Mrs. Ricky McCarty and Mrs. Cheryle Holsclaw attended the Griuffin family reunion in Thomaston. On their way home they stopped in Jackson to see Mr. and Mrs. John White in an assisted living home and also visited Ricky's mother, Mrs. Judy Strickland. His brother Randy and his wife joined them for the visit. .Ray Branham, Whitney and Charlie spent Thursday and Friday of last week at Wild Adventures theme park in Valdosta. .Mrs. Iris Dyson spent Tuesday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hopkins and Mr. and Mrs. Justin Turner and Harrison at their lake house in Elbert County.

.Mrs. Ricky McCarty visited Mr. and Mrs. Dusty Kay and Madison in Raytown Friday afternoon. .Joining Mrs. Gay Branham, Whitney and Charlie on the Fourth of July for a cookout and swimming party were members of her family. . Mr. and Mrs. Lance Hopkins visited Mrs. Iris Dyson Friday afternoon.

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