2007-07-12 / Personalities

Frances Wheelis Women on Mission members meet July 2

Teresa Bishop was hostess for the meeting of the Frances Wheelis Women on Mission of First Baptist Church at her home in Seven Oaks Monday evening, July 2.

Nancy Madden, facilitator, presided and opened the meeting as members read the WMU Watchword. Susan Pope led the opening prayer.

After the business meeting, Mrs. Bishop welcomed Tara Townsend who told of the mission trip taken by the youth of the church accompanied by her and Rev. Chris Townsend. She related the several aspects of projects that included building, yard work and maintenance, backyard Bible clubs, visiting and providing help in nursing home and other care facilities as well as recreation areas.

Mrs. Bishop led the missionary prayer calendar and offered the program for the missionaries and those with special needs.

Members enjoyed delicious refreshments served by Mrs. Bishop.

Attending with the hostess were guests, Anita Winkle and Tara Townsend, and members, Louise McClearen, Nancy Madden, Melanie Wells, Julia Palmer, Sue Lance, Rosemary Hopkins, Susan Pope, and Kay Nelms.

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