2007-07-12 / Personalities

Harper's Personal Care residents enjoy visiting with family, friends

Rev. Dale Fincher presented church for the residents and he and Ouida and Wilbur Maney sang with the residents. .Mr. and Mrs. Sanders Rhodes and Trey Rhodes visited Mrs. Lois Flynt. Trey brought her a sunflowerthat he grew. Bobby Blakey also visited Mrs. Flynt. .Pat and Mary Darden visited Miss Margaret Darden. .Mr. and Mrs. Sam Bradley visited Mrs. Marie Bradley and other residents. .Oliver Gill, Charles Waller, Pamela Gill, and Patsy Winn visited Mrs. Genelle Gill. .Marie Andrews visited Josephine Smith. Josephine went on an outing with her sister Janice. .Pembroke and Sandra Pope and Madison Hall visited Mrs. Pete Strother. Tom Hall visited Mrs. Strother and brought her to church Sunday. .Sonia Hoffman visited Miss Netta Hoffmann. .W.E. Lunceford visited Mrs. Ailline Lunceford. Alli Bennett visited her great-grandmother. . Albert and Eudora Huyck led a devotional and singing for the residents. .Faye Bufford went on an outing. .Mrs. Sara Curtis went with Jim and Linda Griggs' to a family reunion at Lake Burton. Claud and Dot Godfry (nephew and sister-in-law) from Colorado Springs, Colorado, visited Mrs. Curtis. .Michael Beard took Shirley Beard to see her husband in Thomson. .Steven and Caroline Jump visited Mrs. Eva Reed. .We are glad to have Mrs. Eva Reed home from the hospital. .Mrs. Pete Strother had dinner with Sandra and Pembroke Pope and enjoyed picking blackberries. .Inez Hall visited the residents at Harper's on the Fourth of July and had lunch with Mrs. Pete Strother. .Harper's had a great Fourth of July celebration. There were patriotic decorations. Served for lunch were hamburgers on the grill, baked beans, potato salad, tea, cupcakes, and delicious sweet watermelon. .Mrs. Sara Curtis went sightseeing and had supper with Linda Griggs. .The 4-H Club came for the July birthdays. They sang songs and gave out presents. The birthdays for this month are Miss Netta Hoffmann, Helen Ross, and Josephine Smith. .Lorinda Holliday visited her sister in Atlanta. She will not return until next Tuesday. .Buddy Lunceford visited Mrs. Alliene Lunceford. .Mrs. Vena Mize's granddaughter, Rebecca Bryant, visited her during the week of the Fourth of July. .Mrs. Lois Flynt visited Rose Newby. .Mrs. Pete Strother visited her son in Valdosta. .Lillie Crawford gave manicures for the residents. .We all here at Harper's will be glad when Mrs. Vena Mize returns home from the hospital. .Marie Andrews visited Josephine Smith. She visited her sister Janice and daughter on the Fourth of July. .Mrs. Marie Bradley's visitors were Sam and Florence Bradley, Todd and Gina Bradley, Allen Long and family. .Mrs. Lois Flynt's visitors were her brother, Bobby Blakey, and Shirley St. Clair, who brought homegrown tomatoes to all residents. Mrs. Flynt's granddaughter, Laura Cleveland, took her sightseeing. .Tom and Melanie Wells visited Mrs. Martha Wells.

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