2008-12-25 / Opinions



The comedian, Rodney Dingerfield, used to say, "I get no respcet." Even though he was joking, how true that statement is in this day and time.

I told someone that it is to sad to have lived all these years being respectful to my elders to now be so disrespected by younger ones who have not been trained and taught to respect older people.

Even in the church the children say yeah and no to older folks rather than the courtesy of yes sir and no sir and yes ma'am and no ma'am.

But what's so puzzling is when parents say they can't teach their children this form of respect, yet they can teach them everything else.

I've been told that some children are told not to say yes sir and no sir, etc. They say that's outdated. Hoq can you outdate respect when it is the very moral fiber a society is built on? I guess it went out with common sense.

I know the number one thing we were taught in regular school, in Sunday School, in church, and at home was respect. We were mischievous but we had respect. I'll never forget a principal we had once who told us plainly that he was more interested in the fact that we wee being taught respect than how smart we were. Can you say amen?

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