2009-03-19 / News

Aonia News

By SHERRY W. NEWSOME Please call 706-678-2898

Ebenezer Baptist Church youth was in charge of the Sunday service in the absence of our pastor, Dr. Leonard Dupree. I was unable to attend but was told by several it was a good service. .Ebenezer Baptist Church will have a pancake supper Saturday, March 21, 6 p.m. It is sponsored by the WMU and the men's club. The proceeds will go to Penfield Christian Home. Come and bring a friend and enjoy fun and fellowship. .Dr. Leonard Dupree will be absent from Ebenezer Baptist Church for a few weeks due to surgery. We wish him "get well" wishes and we will miss him. .I spent from Thursday until Monday in Charleston, S.C., with Mr. and Mrs. Bowen Freeman, Mills and Robert, and Mrs. Ruth Freeman. .Mrs. Linda Standard and Mrs. Sarah Huff attended the memorial service for their cousin, Tim Turpin, in Murphy, N.C., Saturday. Linda was supper guest of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mathe in Washington Wednesday evening. .Russell Goldman of Doraville spent Sunday with his mother, Sarah Huff. They enjoyed dinner with Linda Standard. .Daniel Standard of Rayle, Aubrye Mathe, Bobby Ansley Jr., and Sherry Newsome visited Linda Standard last week. .Visiting Miss Grace Dunaway and Alex Dunaway last week were Mrs. Bonnie Brown, Wayne and Bobbi Thornton, Sarah Huff, and Tommy Dunnaway. .Tyler Davenport of Hendersonville, N.C., spent from Tuesday through Sunday with his grandmother, Mrs. Lucille Ingram. His mother Lisa has been in the hospital in North Carolina, but is home and some better. Lisa and Kevin Davenport came and spent the weekend with Lucille and returned home with Tyler Sunday. .G.B., Sherry, and Trace Newsome had dinner together in Madison Sunday. .Lois Gay visited Mrs. Agnes Smith several times last week. Mrs. Smith lost her husband Thomas recently. We send our love and sympathy to Agnes and the family. .I visited my mother, Mrs. Blanche Wallace, Friday in Lincoln County. I also visited Denise Edmunds and Mrs. C.H. Crook and Linda Crook Tunnell. .Sarah Huff had an appointment in Lexington Monday. .Linda Standard went to Augusta Monday and Friday. She visited Mrs. Sharon Ellington Friday. .Michael VanHart spent Friday night with Roy Chesnut. .Trudy Ingram was honored with a bridal shower Saturday at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. Trudy and her finance, Mike Matthews of Harlem, spent the weekend with her mother, Mrs. Lucille Ingram. .Our visitors have been Burt Newsome, Sarah Huff, and Taylor McAvoy. .Sincere love and sympathy to all who recently lost loved ones. .We are thankful for the showers Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. The slow rain is the kind I like. .I visited Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sleister in Columbia County Monday. .Mrs. Connie Huff and friend of Dearing visited Mrs. Jenelle Newsome Friday. .Our prayer concerns include Grace Dunaway, Dot Shank, Ethel Harris, Lucy McCorkle, Lois South, Annie Kate Strother, Dr. Leonard Dupree, Jack Stother, G.B. Newsome, Willie Ruth Freeman, Grady Rogers, Judy Thornton, Lisa Franklin, Kathleen and Talmadge Reed, Olin and Beth Reed, Harris and Betty Barden, Roy and Hazel Barden, Jackie Wallace, Oleta McAvoy, Lois Ann Garrard, Gerald Norman, Frances Vinson, Dr. and Mrs. John Morrow, G.T. Hall, Linda Albea, Bennie and Jane Hudson, Lisa Davenport, Ed Burdette, Vickey Linares, Trace, Coryer Poss, Frances Vinson, Claire Nelson, Boyce Hall, Jenelle Newsome, Johnny Thornton, Linda Hopkins, Martin Burgess, Lila Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Nunn, Rev. Albert Huyck, Mr. and Mrs. Dan McAvoy Mr. and Mrs. Morrison Maxwell, the Thomas Smith family, the Frank Blackburn family, the Allen Goldman family, and the Catherine Nash family.

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