2009-06-11 / Letters

Toombs House closing unsatisfactory


I read with concern the article about the Georgia Deptartment of Natural Resources laying off folks operating the Robert Toombs House. Washington has a lot to offer our tourist friends visiting our wonderful city. The Robert Toombs House is one of the places that makes our town a great place to visit. Open one Saturday a month is not a satisfactory solution. Which Saturday, as a visitor, do I pick so that I can see the house?

I see that the back area of the property on Water Street needs mowing. Is this the portend of other cuts to come? I think it's time for our City and County fathers to step to the plate and negotiate with DNR about getting Ms. Campbell back to work before the summer vacation moves into high gear.

Perhaps DNR would agree to help with a few more of the expenses if the City/County would carry some of the expenses say for a year until the State's financial problems are eased. If DNR cannot or will not move on this then we will have to act to keep the house open. I don't believe we can afford to lose this historical tourist site.

David Toburen

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