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All drivers at new school complex urged to follow new traffic rules

With school beginning Friday, August 6, for students in Wilkes County, W-WCHS and W-WMS personnel want parents to know the latest in traffic flow in and around campus for the 2010-2011 school year. THERE ARE SOME CHANGES FROM LAST YEAR!

In order to insure the safest entry and exit for everyone from the campuses of Washington-Wilkes Comprehensive High School and Washington-Wilkes Middle School EVERYONE is asked to cooperate and be patient, especially during the first two weeks of school as things will settle down.

The speed limit on campus is 10 mph.

Morning Entry onto campus:

W-WCHS and W-WMS request that students NOT arrive on campus before 7:30 a.m.

Student drivers, parents dropping off students, visitors, and W-WCHS faculty and staff will enter campus using the NORTH entrance (Tignall side of campus). Immediately upon entering campus, parents and visitors will turn right (the first right) to make a loop to the front door and front parking lot. This is one-way only. W-WMS students will be dropped off in front of the 200-wing (first Middle School Wing). Parents dropping off W-WCHS students will remain in the left lane until reaching the main entrance to drop off those students. All students should exit vehicles on the right side. The left lane should remain clear for vehicles entering the front parking lot. Student drivers, upon entering campus, will continue straight to the back student parking lot and park in their assigned spots.

All school buses, W-WMS faculty, and deliveries will enter campus using the SOUTH entrance (Washington side of campus). Buses will unload students on the south-side bus ramp near the gym and cafeteria. All students will go into their respective sides of the cafeteria until the 7:45 a.m. bell rings.

Afternon Exit from campus:

The school day ends at 3:10 p.m. W-WMS students for pickup by parents will be at the front of the 200-wing (first Middle School wing). Parents should use the right lane with students entering the right side of the vehicle. Parents picking up W-WCHS students should remain in the left lane until reaching the main entrance of the complex to pick up those students. Parents/visitors will exit the NORTH exit only. School personnel will direct parent/visitor traffic on campus in the afternoon to insure safety. Only a few vehicles will be allowed to leave at a time so that there will not be too many vehicles in the turn lane on Highway 17 at the U-turn. Again, it is requested that everyone exercise patience in this.

Buses will load students on the south-side bus ramp and will exit campus via the SOUTH exit.

Everyone is urged to use caution. There will not be anyone directing traffic at either exit from campus.

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