2010-07-29 / News

Heritage Health Care residents enjoy visiting with family, friends

Guests of Mrs. Datez Turmon were Bob Nemeth, Nettie Turmon Nemeth, Barbara Turmon Harrison, and Donnie Walton. ƒMarie Drinkard, Effie Ware, and Emma Lewis visited Mrs. Mary Russell. ƒVisiting Mrs. Jean Dunaway were Bettisue Bunch, Amanda Pless, Donald Dunaway, and Delores Moon. ƒMrs. Bernice McAvoy's visitors were Katie Vickery, Brantley Vickery, Joyce Blackburn, Ronnie McAvoy, Gail Galbreath, and Diane McAvoy. ƒGuests of Mrs. Libby Ivey were Sally Hopkins, John Ivey, Lance Hopkins, and Eula P. Watkins. ƒNathaniel Bell's visitors were Barbara Cain, Alice Samuels, Gloria Hunter, Quindon Stowers, Patricia Wynn, Wilson Wynn, Tecie Bell, Larry S. Bell, Cleo Bell, Claude Humer, Lettie Mae Lawson, and Jimmie Martin. ƒJames Leon Bankston visited Welborn Avery. ƒ Marie Drinkard and Willie Mae Booker visited J.D. Callaway. ƒDoris Heard and Melissa Quinn visited Mrs. Mattie Dent. ƒMrs. Dorothy Barnes' visitors were Doris Heard, Jenelle Ashmore, and Melissa Quinn. ƒVisiting Mrs. Anita Martin were Mack and Patricia Truitt, JoAnne Danner, Barbara Cain, Rev. Donald Walton, Lanette Drinkard, Lessie Mae Young, Rachel Moreland, and Sam Scott. ƒMarie Drinkard and Rachel T. Moreland visited Mrs. Gladys Dawkins. ƒVisiting Mrs. Carrie Wallace were Marie Tolbert, Maeozie Anthony, Mattie J. Williams, and Marie Tolbert. ƒMrs. Mamie Bankston's guests were Rachel T. Moreland, Vince Randall Jr., Jessie Hosch, and Mattie J. Williams. ƒZella Bennett visited Miss Mary Mc- Clearen. ƒGuests of Mrs. Clara Monague were Jimmy Evans, Bertha Fuller, Helen Fuller, Tara Willis, Lawrence Murray, Daleah Booker, Betty Parks, Mitch, Shirley and Shawana, Angela and Terry Wright, Rhonda Rivers, and Evelyn Samuels. ƒGerald and Lois Ann Norman visited Mrs. Annie Kate Norman. ƒMrs. Nannie Walton's guests were Donnie Walton, Lanette Drinkard, Ryan and Ally Hucke, and Gerald Drinkard. ƒVisiting Mrs. Clara Murray were Eula P. Watkins, Christine Stewart, Kay Finnell, Betty Wylie, Doris Willis, and Mattie J. Williams. ƒWillie Kennedy's visitors were Dorothy Kennedy, Willie Mae Booker, Anna Hamrick, Greg Gladmon, Doris Willis, Julia Gartrell, Teal Gartrell, Mattie J. Williams, Demetrius Porter, Leon Ferrell, Gwen Davenport, Milton Alexander, Rosella Hardin, Marie Hall, Emma Jones, Yolanda Walton, Lisa Cade, Kay Finnell, Christine Stewart, Charles Wright, Howard Evans, Ann Sims, Julia Cates, Temekia Kennedy, Jaden Cole, Milton Alexander, Diane Barksdale, Terry Graves, and Yolanda and Justin Norman.

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