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Presbyterian children study Bible passages at VBS

A good group of children enjoyed Vacation Bible School at the Washington Presbyterian Church. A good group of children enjoyed Vacation Bible School at the Washington Presbyterian Church. The Washington Presbyterian Church held Vacation Bible School July 11-16, each evening, and averaged 15 children per night from ages Pre-Kindergarten through those entering the sixth grade.

During the week an offering was taken each night and the money was donated to the Wilkes County Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) Foster Child Christmas Gift Fund.

The theme for the week was Baobab Blast, named for the Baobab tree in Africa that not only provides fruit for those living nearby and shelter for animals and birds, but when it gets up to 30 feet in diameter it often hollows itself out and people can live inside it.

Activities included music and dance led by Patty Leard, Anna Smith, and Debbie Merkert; arts and crafts by Kathy Boardman and Norwood Strother; outside play time led by Margaret Norris and Cory Murray; Bible storytime led by Rev. Glen Kohlhagen and Bob Anderson; and a host of snacks provided by members of the congregation.

The program and lessons each evening were centered around a different Bible passage with Bible stories used to illustrate the meaning of the passage. Sunday’s Bible passage was “trust in God” from Psalm 37:5. The story of Abram and Sarai was used to show how they trusted God when God called them to leave their hometown of Haran and go into the desert to start God’s chosen race of people.

On Monday, the passage was centered on “love never fails” from I Corinthians 13:8, and the story was about Joseph and how he went from being sold into slavery by his brothers, to his rise to power in Egypt. The story told about how Joseph’s brothers came unknowingly to him to ask for food during a horrendous famine, and how Joseph forgave them for what they all did to him.

Tuesday’s passage centered on “I will study your teachings” from Psalm 119:15. To illustrate this lesson, a discussion was led on Jesus calling his disciples and how they dropped all they were doing, gave up their livelihoods, and followed Jesus.

Wednesday night the Bible passage was from Jeremiah 17:16, with the passage dealing with “Our Lord, You chose me to care.” Jesus’ parable of the Samaritan who came to the aid of the Jewish man and how that shows how we are to love all our neighbors was the focus.

Thursday night the passage was “share your faith” from Philemon 1:6. The story of Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch and how Philip helped him understand how Jesus fulfilled the prophesy of Isaiah.

Each evening a craft was done to illustrate part of the story, as well as a study time to complete puzzles, word games, and drawings, and the completion of a workbook page led by the age group leaders that centered around different animals to show how their personalities exhibit the qualities being taught.

Sharleen Anderson and Kimberly Kohlhagen taught the preschoolers, Denise Johnson and Mary Katherine Strother the kindergarten grades, and Anita Latimer and Jackie Gale, the primary grades. Miriam Kitchens taught the double digit age group.

An added treat on Wednesday night was that Sharleen Anderson brought her award winning Corgi Emmy to be the meerkat and provide the children with a chance to spend time with a pet.

Those attending Friday night had a potluck dinner for the families and the children provided the program by singing the songs they learned, including the dances, the playing of instruments, and the sign language, as well as reciting the Bible verses. Each child also received a certificate for his/her participation.

“A special thanks goes to Adele Seymour for once again coordinating the whole week,” Rev. Kohlhagen said. “She has been a true blessing to all of us.”

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