2010-07-29 / News

Stock Quotes

A lok back:

I suggested Sherwin Williams the week of Christmas 2009. The price then was $59. Today the stock closed at $69.68 ... an increase of around 18%.

Almost never do I buy a stock with the idea of a sale in a few months. Sometimes the story changes and it makes good sense to “not be greedy.”

SHW management has lowered expectations going forward because the building recovery is taking longer than exptected and orders are beginning to slow.

This is a fine company. I want to own it when I don’t feel greedy in doing so.

Preston F. Sanders is a Chartered Financial Consultant and Registered Investment Advisor. He lives in Washington, Georgia, and can be reached at prestonsanders@bellsouth.net.

NOTE: Any investment can lose value. Don’t buy any stock without a careful evaluation of its appropriateness for your situation. See your financial/investment advisor.

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