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Rhodes family gathers for reunion at Beulah Baptist Church July 17

The annual Rhodes family reunion was held at Beulah Baptist Church Family Life Center on Saturday, July 17.

After the bountiful covered dish dinner, Jack Rhodes of Washington representing the Rhodes families since he was the oldest male descendant of the late John Morgan and Lois Wright Rhodes, spoke to the crowd. Nita Rhodes Riley, also of Washington, spoke to the group saying she was the oldest descendant and told about her fond memories of the church, Beulah Baptist. Frances Henderson Johnson of North Augusta, S.C., had a book she has written of the Rhodes family history that was available for viewing before it is published.

John Morgan and Lois Rhodes had seven children, all of whom are deceased. As each of the seven were named, their family members attending stood.

Family members of the late Albert and Lunelle Beard Rhodes attending were Sara Frances Henderson, Betty Reese, Sanders and Doris Rhodes, Ed and Edna Rhodes, Pat Mack, Chris Mack, John Mack and J.T., and William Rhodes of Washington-Wilkes; Chris and Frances Johnson of North Augusta; R.C. and Barbara Oakley of Hampton; April Rhodes of Augusta; Rhodes Johnson, Carolyn Rhodes, widow of Albert (Dunnie) Rhodes Jr. of McDonough; Karen, Taylor and Christopher Rhodes of Danielsville; Ricci Lynn Rhodes and Mary Icon and Dawson of Florida.

Family members of the late Sam and Annie Ruth Rhodes attending were Nita Riley, Jack and Jean Rhodes, Charles and Mary Rhodes, Charles Rhodes Jr. and fiancé, Mamie Barnett, Mary Beth Lukich and Boone, Peggy Callaway, Larry and Janice Callaway, Chan and Phyllis Drake, Freddie Rhodes, and David and Jenny Reville, of Washington- Wilkes; and Olivia Norman of Lincolnton.

The family of the late John Wright and Eula Rhodes was represented by Cecil and Flossie Rhodes of Washington Wilkes; Cecil and Teeny Hussiey and granddaughters, Alexander and Brianna, of North Carolina; Bobby and Maureen Rhodes, Michael and McKayla Rhodes, Zachary Brown and Phillip Rhodes of Augusta. Michael and Phillip are the sons of the late Presley Rhodes.

Family members from the late Lanny and Clara Rhodes Blackmon attending were Carol and Barbara Blackmon of Hull.

The late John Will and Sara Rhodes Harper were represented by James and Vera Harper, Edna Blakey, Jeff Blakey, Izzie and Braxton, of Washington-Wilkes; Terry Blakey, Kay Mattox and Ricky Mattox of Augusta.

Family members of the late Paul and Louise Rhodes Harper attending were Louise Harper, (widow of Paul Harper Jr.), Gary and Paula Butts and granddaughters, Harper and Ansley Smith, of Washington-Wilkes; and Dr. Kenneth Harper of Macon.

There were no family members of the late William Rhodes present.

Cousins of the Albert Rhodes family attending the reunion were Richard and Carolyn Gammon and Craig and Sandra Gammon, Kara and Kaci, and Alex and Kay Tyler of Washington-Wilkes and Caleb Tyler of Hoschton.

Plans were discussed on having the reunion later next year.

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