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By CAROLYN GAMMON Please call 706-285-2736

There still are many uses for the old Sears Catalog which was once called the Sears, Roebuck and Co. catalog. At Christmas it is called the wish book. Many children have worn out that wish book. When I was a child we cut paper dolls out of the wish book. We would have them spread out all over the house. I heard someone last week saying her little sister has Barbies all over her room. The generation of girls now has Barbie dolls, the Barbie house, and everything that goes with them spread out all over the house. Handing a child the wish book keeps them quiet for quite a while. A few years ago I had my lap full of my twin granddaughters and had only one wish book. One of them said, “I need that.” The other one said, “I need that too.” The first one said, “You can’t need that. I said it first.” The first thing I knew they were scratching, biting, and pages of the Sears catalog were flying. I was in the middle of a fight. So it’s best to have more than one wish book if you have more than one child. Anyway, years ago we had creative minds in using that catalog and that was a lot cheaper than real dolls. ƒThe senior adult gathering at the Dale Fincher Family Christian Life Center at Tignall Baptist Church had a great time Tuesday of last week. Before having lunch, Leigh Beggs of Lincolnton brought an emotional testimony. She has been through two big crises and can still be a very positive person with a beautiful smile. Everyone brought a variety of salads that were delicious. We found out that James Sherrer needs a GPS to find the garbage dumps. He says he keeps passing them and forgetting to stop. His wife, Samille, says that the GPS is still in the box. Of course James had his trusty camera out catching everyone with their mouths open. ƒWe welcome Don Adams of Elberton, the newest resident at Denard's Personnal Care, to Tignall. ƒBetty Nix of Clarksville is spending several days with her sisters, Mary Ann Williams and Peggy Ware. ƒCaleb Tyler of Hoschton spent Friday night through Monday with his grandparents, Alex and Kay Tyler. They enjoyed their annual trip to Dacusville, S.C., to Old Farm Day on Saturday. ƒ Lola and McKayla Hammond of Crawford spent the weekend with their grandparents, Tony and Marion Hammond. ƒSpending the weekend with O'Neal and Celeste Adams were Amanda and Abby Range of Bethlehem and Joe and Kim Coots, Chase and Connnor of Ranger. ƒSeveral family members and friends came to visit Vivian Wolozin and celebrated her 91st birthday Sunday. Those visitors were Morgan and Jackie Waters of Buford; John and Nonie Yochim, Phoebe Davis, Blake and Angela Davis and Madelyn, Aubrey Davis, Brandon Hyde, Michele and Charlie McAvoy, Trey McAvoy, Justin Cronic, Rose Ware, and Gloria Ware. Carolyn Gammon visited her on Saturday.

ƒLaura Ashe of Rock Hill, S.C., and Kathryn Ashe of Charleston, S.C., spent the holiday weekend with Dave and Tody Derrick. ƒRev. Donnie Berry visited Patsy Epps and Kay Seymour Saturday. ƒDavid and Nancy Hilley attended a cookout over the weekend in Commerce at the home of Stacy and Amanda Hilley, Owen and Warren. The cookout was given in honor of George Hilley's birthday. Other guests attending were Mrs. Dawn Beatles, Anna and Livy, and Mr. and Mrs. Steve Grooms. ƒGraydon and Pat Bob o spent the weekend in Bainbridge visiting relatives and friends. ƒHaving lunch Sunday with Richard and Carolyn Gammon were Craig and Sandra Gammon, Curt, Kara, and Kaci. ƒWe extend sympathy to Mrs. Emma Funderburk of Appling for the loss of her husband, Grady Funderburk. Mrs. Funderburk is the sister of Mrs. Betty Dunson. ƒLet's keep the following people in our prayers: Frances Vinson (just returned home after being dismissed from the hospital last week), Phoebe Davis (will be having surgery September 14), Vivian Wolozin, Irene Echols, family of Nancy Moon, family of Thomas Elliot, Peggy Ware, Christine Burton, Kathryn Anderson, Tina VanHart, Shirley Roberson, Linda Hopkins, Patsy Epps, Judy Wright, Teresa Saggus, Cecil Rhodes, Evelyn Bennett, Marvin Weaver, Scott Williamson, Randy Butts, Ricky Dawson, Alex Price, Tommy Garrett, Charles Pullen, Charles Blakey, Ann Sales, and Lois Sale. ƒRev. Anthony Watts filled in Sunday at Tignall Baptist Church in the absence of Dr. Drummond. The congregation enjoyed the special music from Kathy Little and the Crawford Praise Team. ƒLadies of Tignall Baptist Church are invited to a weding shower for Wendy Truitt next Saturday, September 11, from 2-4 p.m. at the church. ƒThere will be a brunch next Sunday at Tignall Baptist Church to begin the new Sunday School year at 9:30 a.m. Everyone is invited. ƒChildren, don't forget AWANA begins Sunday, September 12, at 4:45 p.m. at Tignall Baptist Church. The new time for the evening worship service is at 6:30 p.m. ƒThe Tignall Baptist Seniors will host the Georgia Associational Senior Adult Rally Monday, September 27, at 3 p.m. There will be a light meal following the program. Reservations are required. Please call 706-678-7381 to make your reservation. Rev. Gary Purvis will be the entertainment. ƒDoug Lawson once said, "The idea that no one is perfect is a view most commonly held by people with no grandchildren."

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