2010-10-21 / Personalities

SAR, DAR members attend anniversary at Kings Mountain

Wilkes County was well represented at the National Park Servicesponsored anniversary event of the Battle of Kings Mountain, South Carolina. Pat Thomas of the Kettle Creek DAR and Don Thomas of the Washington-Wilkes SAR represented the Wilkes County organizations in attendance.

Hundreds of Revolutionary War society representatives led by the Sons of the American Revolution participated in the October 7, 2010, anniversary.

Kings Mountain is recognized as one of the most decisive American victories of the Southern Campaign and ranks with Lexington, Bunker Hill, Trenton and Yorktown in significance. As written by historians as well as Presidents Teddy Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson, Kings Mountain is considered as the turning point in the American Revolutionary War. Some 30+ Georgia Militia participated in the Battle which inflicted 1021 causalities on the British invasion force that included 668 prisoners taken.

The site received national recognition on October 7, 1930, when President Herbert Hoover dedicated the National Monument on the battlefield on top of Kings Mountain. For the anniversary on October 7, organizations from every state in the southeast attended as well as National Society and government representatives.

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