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By CAROLYN GAMMON Please call 706-285-2736

Animals, like people, can get into some awkward predicaments. Alex Tyler found a 200 lb., 8 point deer that had fallen into a deep gully on his land. The deer was stuck in a hole and only his feet and his head could be seen. Kay sent me a picture of the poor deer. He had been trying so hard to get out that he was weakened. Alex and a neighbor had him lifted out of the gully and placed above on the ground. He was too weak and hurt to move and kept crying so Alex had someone else to put him out of his misery. Don’t you hate to see animals suffer like that? We once had a cat that was running around for about a week with a broken jar around his neck. We couldn’t get close to it to help get it off because he was wild and only came around when it was time to eat. One day he showed up without the jar. Our son, Craig Gammon, told me once when we were feeding about six cats that were wild, “Mama, I don’t know why you feed those cats because they are being fed by everyone in the neighborhood.” I noticed then that they did look quite fat. I don’t mind deer running through our yard as long as they don’t have to taste everything growing here. ƒAbout 30 senior adults enjoyed the luncheon at Tignall Baptist Church last Tuesday. .Tye guest speaker, Paula Drew of Lincolnton, held everyone's attention as she spoke of her near death experience and gave her inspirational testimony. The Thanksgiving meal and fellowship were enjoyed by all. ƒRichard and Carolyn Gammon enjoyed having a Thanksgiving lunch at the Washington-Wilkes Elementary School last Thursday. They were guests of their grandson, Curt Gammon, who is in the fifth grade at this school. ƒDavid Derrick and Cindy Calderon were married Saturday at the home of David's parents, Mike and Sharon Derrick, here in Tignall. David is the grandson of Dave and Tody Derrick. Family members and friends coming especially for the wedding and were weekend guests of Dave and Tody Derrick were Laura Ashe of Rock Hill, S.C.; BK. and Lauren Kennedy and Elle of Charlotte, N.C.; Katherine Ashe and Eliza Blade of Charleston, S.C.; Jeff and Mandy Derrick and Noah of Mt. Pleasant, S.C.; Sallie Derrick of Washington, D.C.; and Mary Beth Derrick of Columbia, S.C. ƒPat Mack is recuperating from her foot surgery at the home of her sister, Betty Reese. ƒLet's remember the following people in our prayers: Pat Mack, Nita Allen, Sylvia Davis, Ginger Standard, Laverne Kilgore, Laverne Edwards, Charles Pullen, Lois Sale, Frances Vinson, Christine Burton, Phoebe Davis, Vivian Wolozin, Irene Echols, Marion Echols, Tim Echols, Louise Denard, Tina VanHart, Kathryn Anderson, Marvin Weaver, Elaine Fain, Phyllis Albea Reese, Evelyn Bennett, Pat Grimaud, Charles Pullen, Sally Kennedy, and Judy Wright. ƒNow we have to change gears from the fall festival to the Tignall Christmas parade. The parade will be on Sunday, December 5, at 3 p m. If you have a horse or golf cart that you'd like to decorate for Christmas, join the parade. If you have a dog that you'd like to dress up in Christmas attire, join the parade. John and Joan Oglesby really know how to decorate a golf cart each year. Let's make this a bigger parade by joining us or by watching it. This really puts us in a festive mood. The Christmas tree will be placed in the gazebo and have the lights turned on that day. If you want to join the parade be at the entrance of the Sandtown Road at the south city limits sign and line up around 2 p.m. on that Sunday. ƒWe are very thankful for our freedom and that we live in the days of the greatest inventions. I asked several people what they thought was the greatest invention and almost everyone I asked said "electricity." Someone said ziplock bags and pecan crackers. How did we manage without these? One person said indoor plumbing and I do agree with that, but one of the greatest inventions to me was the corn pad. It surely helps not to have pain on your toes. Have you see these five-inch heels being sold in the department stores now? Those people who wear them are going to want more than corn pads some day. I would think it's like walking on stilts. On a shopping trip to Augusta with my sister, Kay Tyler, last week, we saw some shoppers wearing these high heels and they made me hurt just loolking at them. I was certainly glad I had on comfortable shoes because we had trouble just getting on and off elevators. ƒI wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. "He who forgets the language of gratitude can never be on speaking terms with happiness."
Buford Williford of Rebecca is 91 years old and still going turkey and deer hunting. Here he has killed a deer on November 9 on the property of Ralph and Mary Will Denard near Tignall. He has been hunting in this area for years. Buford Williford of Rebecca is 91 years old and still going turkey and deer hunting. Here he has killed a deer on November 9 on the property of Ralph and Mary Will Denard near Tignall. He has been hunting in this area for years.

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