2010-12-02 / News


By Bonnie Boatwright Call 274-3264

The message Sunday morning at Sardis Baptist Church by Rev. Jim Newsome was “Hope of Christmas.” The lighting of the candle “Hope” was by the children as they placed their hands on the lighter as Pastor Newsome helped them. A service Sunday evening with a study from the book of James was led by Pastor Newsome. Prayer meeting is every Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Echols Home. ƒChristmas play practice continues at Sardis Baptist every Sunday evening at 5 p.m. The play will be Sunday evening, December 19, at 6 p.m. ƒPrayer continues for Jack Armour, Rubye Armour, Betty Huddleston, Maggie Buff, Inez Moore, and Doris Walker. ƒWe extend heartfelt sympathy to the families of Sam Callaway, John Wesley McAvoy, Ora Mae Kirk, Jimmy Bailey, and Marvin Wilson Partain. ƒJ.W. and Bonnie Boatwright, Connie Boatwright Gamble of Martinez and Demetrice and Brooke Porter, Kaitlyn, Bryson and Kaidyn of Washington enjoyed Thanksgiving Day dinner with Lamar and Kay Berry and Trey. ƒSudie Kennedy enjoyed supper Friday evening with the Armour family at the home of Tracy and Denise Armour. ƒ Greg and Angela Armour, Cody Armour, Robert Bennett and Alyssa Bennett, Will and Samantha Callaway, Scott and Sissy Smith, Abby and J.T., Richard and Lou Heard, Mattie and Hank, Sam and Dawn Moore, Caleb and Josh Saggus and Mark and Beth Moore enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with Buck and Linda Echols. ƒ Tommy and Fran Thaxton spent Thanksgiving Day in Martinez at Creek Garden, home of John and Jean Barney. Saturday they went back to Martinez to a family gathering of the children of the late Martha Jones. ƒShirley Chafin had all her family with her for Thanksgiving Day. Many other relatives and friends joined them. ƒFran Thaxton went to "Point of Art" in Union Point Saturday where her cousin, Sarah Fletcher, had a "Clay in a Can" exhibit. ƒThanksgiving supper at the home of Betty Berry was enjoyed with her by Tom and Sandra Parker, Josh and Samantha Parker and Hallie, Joey and Abby Pruitt, Kylie and Lindsey, Lee and Shelley Parker and Bradley, Donnie and Kris Berry and Jessica. ƒPeggy Echols and Johnny Adams, Bill and Delaney Remsen of Evans enjoyed Thanksgiving Day with Tim and Allison Hayes and other relatives in Stephens. ƒBirthday wishes to Aaliya Berry who celebrated her 15th Saturday. ƒFrances Fendley visited the residents at Quiet Oaks in Crawford Monday while her daughter, Debra (Bobby) Armour, went to a meeting. ƒClyde and Sandy Whittington enjoyed having Neil and Kim Frankel, Zachery, Kyle, and Bryce with them for Thanksgiving dinner Friday. Zachery and Kyle spent last Sunday night with the Whittingtons. ƒSunday, Tommy and Fran Thaxton visited Doris Walker who was in Wills Memorial Hospital and stopped by to visit Ann Williamson. ƒOn Thanksgiving Day, Bobby and Debra Armour enjoyed having Dwayne Armour, Chris Armour, Amber, Rebecca and Raeleigh, James Bolton, Frances Fendley, Joan Perez, Richard Burkett, Ishima and Trinity Glenn with them for Thanksgiving dinner. ƒGeorge and Mozelle Casey spent Tuesday afternoon with Frances Fendley. ƒRuby Arnold, Kim Berry, Aaliya and Aniyah spent Tuesday to Thursday in Rossman, N.C., with Gerald and Mary Grace Owen, Josh Roberson, Randall and Fallin Roberson, Gracie and Hunter. On their way home Thursday they stopped in Commerce for supper with Robert and Crystal Byram and Christopher. ƒFaye Johnson of Gray spent the weekend with her sister, Ruby Arnold. While here she visited all the other sisters, Sallie Mae Arnold, Martha Williford, Nell Hubbard, and other relatives. ƒEnjoying a Thanksgiving dinner at the home of Tracy and Denise Armour on Friday evening were Jack and Rubye Armour, Bo Armour, Sudie Kennedy, Barry and Beth Armour, Bettina and Dylan, Brittany Armour and Brandon Wheatley, Erin Thornton, Lyn and Debra Armour, John and Jennifer Armour, Mason and Maddie, Mitch Davis and Heather Thaxton, Casey Davis and Jarod Fleming, Greg Armour, Hunter, Cody Armour and Robert Bennett, Will and Samantha Callaway and Emma, Justin and Audra Armour, Ethan Armour and Taylor Echols, and Jackson Armour. ƒOn Saturday, Tracy and Denise Armour were hosts for a Thanksgiving dinner including Manuel Wheatley, Talitha Hopkins, Stanley and Katherine Wheatley, Marion Poss, Rusty Callaway, Cheryl Broome, Randy and Marion Callaway, Dwayne and Debbie Callaway and Grayson, Jim and Elaine Wheatley, Brandon Wheatley, and Brittany Armour, Johnathon and April Wheatley, Traci and Danny Bussey, Brett Bussey and Rhea Stringfield, Scott and Angie Wheatley and Luke, Justin and Audra Armour, Ethan Armour and Taylor Echols, and Jackson Armour.

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