2010-12-09 / Letters

$200,000 pool is expense requiring electric rate hike


In the proposed city budget is $200,000.00 for a swimming pool. A swimming pool is a luxury not a necessary thing. The $200,000.00 will not cover the expense of operating and insurance, so it will be an on-going expense.

This budget will require an increase in electric rates for everyone using the city electricity 2.5%, according to what was reported in the paper last week. The pool will be a burden on the city unless a user fee for using the pool is high enough to cover the cost of operating it.

If this is supposed to be a city pool why is it not going to be more centrally located so everyone will use it.

With electric bills as high as they ate now they are going to be higher. The council, if they are concerned about the citizens, will trim all unnecessary expenditures from this budget. I guess some do not know times are tough and money is tight.

Bill Steed

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