2010-12-30 / Letters

Community cares for seniors

To the Editor :

I am so proud to live in this community of Washington-Wilkes. Operation Love and Care in a Shoebox was a wonderful success this year, and it was all thanks to all of you who participated.

We were able to give out 130 shoeboxes this year to all of our nursing home residents, personal care home residents, adult day care clients and many shut-ins.

When I have the pleasure of giving these boxes to our seniors, they are so happy and want to give me the thanks, but I assure them it is the whole Washington-Wilkes community that cares for them.

Thanks to all the churches, businesses, women’s clubs, and the many individuals who either gave a monetary donation or assembled boxes. This event would not happen except that we all come together and do it. Thanks to The News-Reporter and McDonald’s for being collection sites. Thanks to Joe Harris for delivering to Washington Manor. Thanks to Julia Gartrell, Erica Norman, Louise Mobley and Margaret Barnwell for being my elves and helping me to deliver the boxes. Thanks to the Ruffin Flag Company for their generous donation of lap blankets for everyone.

Again let me say that I love Washington-Wilkes and I am proud to say that this is my hometown.

Margie Burke

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