2011-06-02 / Front Page

Wilkes business, civic leaders meet Thur. with state reps in video listening session

Thursday afternoon (today) at 1 p.m., local leaders have an opportunity to talk about economic development issues with their peers and representatives from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

The Region 7 Listening Session is set for Thursday, June 2, from 1-2 p.m. at the Pope Center in Washington.

“State government is answering the call for Governor Nathan Deal’s Competitiveness Initiative,” said Washington Economic Development Manager David Jenkins. “To do so, every state agency will be looking at how to improve its performance, including changing programs, eliminating programs, or creating new programs. All of those could impact the ability of Washington Wilkes to attract business and to keep the business that we have. Washington-Wilkes has been very fortunate to be able to work with DCA. This is a great opportunity to continue our relationship.”

The state Department of Community Affairs is the source of many of the grants that fund local projects throughout the state.

The use of video conferencing as the format of the listening sessions reflects the new drive for state agencies to leverage technology to save money.

DCA Commissioner Mike Beatty said that in the past, the listening sessions have been an effective way for DCA to hear from local leaders on ways to improve the department’s programs and services. “This year’s listening sessions will be conducted using video conferencing equipment as an efficient means to hear from you on how we can assist you in serving your community,” Beatty said.

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