2011-06-02 / News

Haiti mission trip topic of slide show presented by Butts

Gary Butts gave an interesting slide presentation Sunday night at the Tignall Baptist Church of his mission trip to Haiti.

Gary joined a group from Savannah on May 7 and went to Haiti to do a Bible School mission for the children in a certain area in Haiti. They returned home on May 14.

Gary said that it was quite an experience and made him and the others really learn to appreciate our own country. The mission group stayed in the Georgia House which was the only building not destroyed in the earthquake in this area. The House had air-conditioning only in the kitchen. Generators were the source of electricity.

There were very poor living conditions. Most of the people lived in tents and Gary had slides of the tent city. There was trash everywhere and so they had to get used to the odor.

Most of the children did not go to school. Those who did go were very well dressed in uniforms. The church was a very crude structure with no fans and of course it was very hot and stuffy. They spent about four hours each day in the church. Gary said the people had church services every night.

The children wee very well behaved and were so appreciative of anything. The beaches could have been very lovely, but were littered with trash.

We are so fortunate to be living in this country and should not take everything for granted.

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