2011-06-02 / Sports

Top sports fans will know the answers to this quiz


1. Name the Dodger who played all 13 of his major-league seasons under manager Tommy Lasorda.

2. Only one American League player in the 1970s had a season in which he amassed 400 or more total bases. Name him.

3. Who was the coach of Southern Cal’s football team before Pete Carroll’s nine-season reign?

4. When Chris Bosh became the Toronto Raptors’ career leader in points scored in 2010, whose mark did he surpass?

5. Name the last time the Toronto Maple Leafs won the Northeast Division.

6. FC Dallas set a Major League Soccer record in 2010 for longest unbeaten streak in a single season. How many games was it?

7. True or false: World heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield was once a world cruiserweight boxing champion.


1. Current Angels skipper Mike Scioscia.

2. Boston’s Jim Rice had 406 total bases in 1978.

3. Paul Hackett (1998-2000).

4. Vince Carter, with 9,420 points.

5. It was the 1999-2000 season.

6. Nineteen games.

7. True. He held the WBA cruiserweight belt (1986-88) and the IBF and WBC cruiserweight belts (1987-88) before going on to win world heavyweight titles.

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