2011-06-02 / Worship

The proclaiming power of the gospel of Jesus without signs

By REV. FICKLEN GUIN (Mark 8:10-21)

Jesus always maintained a positive attitude, the kind of mindset that enhances life. Jesus came to our physical world in order that mankind might have life more abundant, filled with great expectations. Jesus never stifles our lives. He always want us to enjoy greater privileges and fulfilled desires.

But in Jesus’ day the Pharisees constantly emphasized the negative side of life. Read Mark 8:10-21. When they looked at Jesus they were incapable of seeing the good that He was accomplishing. They were always questioning Him, arguing with Hin and accusing Him of breaking the most trivial of their myriad laws. When they demanded a sign from Heaven that they could believe, He only sighed and said, “This generation will not receive any signs to make them believe.”

Christ was saying that Christian belief is built on faith, and without faith a person can not believe. There are still people today who require signs before they will believe. But we cannot stand around waiting for signs. The world will pass us by just like it did the Pharisees in Jesus’ day.

Jesus was born of a virgin, lived on the earth thirty-three-and-a-half years, died on a cross and then in three days arose from the dead. What more could we want. Jesus said, “You have got to be like a little child: just have faith and believe.” Signs come and go but faith stays and grows. What are you going to do when the sign is gone?

Jesus warned his apostles about the leaven of the Pharisees that saturates the whole with disbelief. But, the apostles misunderstood. They thought Jesus was displeased because they were short of bread. Jesus admonished his apostles to start thinking in a spiritual sense.

What would Jesus say to us if He came back to earth? He certainly would that we should be looking on the positive side of life. Jesus wants us to rise up into the spiritual realm. When we think spiritually we enrich our lives. When we think only physically we woefully limit our lives because our physical body doesn’t last forever.

When we have faith in Jesus as our Savior, life becomes greater and greater, and eventually our life will rise up to Heaven with Jesus.

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