2011-06-30 / Letters

Couldn’t we manage with four?


If nearly every issue in the City Council comes down to a 3-3 tie, why do we need six council members? Couldn’t we drop one member each from District 1 and District 2, tie at 2-2, and save the city between $7,200 and $16,800 per year?

Also, since the city is apparently flush with money, we could use the savings to sponsor the fireworks every year, which is one event that actually brings money to the downtown area. The windfall could even be used to give raises to city employees who aren’t able to vote themselves a pay increase.

If Martinez, Grovetown, and Greensboro can prosper with four council members, why can’t we? In fact, out of the 10 nearby cities I researched, only Union Point has six members of its city council. All the others have either four or five.

Scot Lewis

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