2011-06-30 / Letters

It’s important to make choices together


Being born in Washington, Georgia, in 1968, I never thought the time would come I would see this town in such a battle within itself. Everyone that has lived here over the last few decades can vouch that there has been tension at times, but never to this degree.

Washington needs a leader that can support the town as a whole. Evidently, this is not the path we have taken. The personal promotion the current mayor has given himself is not the manner in which our forefathers would have accepted. A citizen who believes Mayor Burns’ statement, “There is no one who has promoted Washington-Wilkes more, loved Washington-Wilkes more, argued for Washington-Wilkes more, or sacrificed for Washington-Wilkes more,” must never have met my grandfather, Edward Barnett Pope. Even though I wasn’t born until after he had been in office 13 years, I do remember the last 28.

He loved this town more than words could express and showed his love by keeping the town running smoothly and finding ways to improve it. I will not list the accomplishments my grandfather did for this town because he would not approve of his self promotion. However, the citizens who remember him know and respect what he did and know that he never did anything for personal gain. He always worked hard for the city of Washington because he truly cared about it and its citizens.

If Washington-Wilkes wants to continue to grow and bring businesses into this town, we must stop the current tension. The racial council meetings are all too noticeable and unprofessional for a group of people who have been elected by the citizens to look after this town and keep it running smoothly. May I remind the city council they do work for the citizens of Washington?

If I were looking to build a business, much less an industrial plant, I would in no way pick a town that cannot come together and agree on basic issues. If the beautiful town of Washington is to prevail, we must come together, as close as possible, and work together. It is that simple! We must also not overspend. The use of credit has currently put this whole country in the red. Spending money that the city does not have is only going to make it harder on the future generations to come. Let’s make smart choices about our money but more importantly let’s make these choices togther.


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