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The Office Cat

Early printing mishap – oops!

Kenneth Echols and his mom, Linda Echols, brought me some vegetables fresh out their little garden last week. I asked Kenneth how in the world they were able to have a garden in this hot and dry weather. He said, “We just did.” On my way home that evening, I stopped at IGA and got a loaf of WHITE bread and used one of the tomatoes he brought to make a tomato sandwich -- first one this summer with a Wilkes County tomato. There’s nothing better. He also brought some cucumbers and hot peppers.


In the June 23 News-Reporter account of the Board of Education meeting, it made mention that the price of school lunches would be going up this next school year. Cost for a regular school lunch will be $1.50. I remember in the early 1940s when we took our lunches to school. A group of “grade-mothers” (remember them?) got together and arranged for us to have a lunchroom in the basement of the National Guard Armory, which later became the school gymnasium, and is now the Washington Little Theater Playhouse. The grade-mothers provided the food for a while and then later hired a cook, and the price was 10 cents each for lunch. I remember the most delicious cookies that had raisins in them, and I don’t even like raisins. I would name some of the cooks, but I might leave somebody out, so I won’t.


Lyn Randall and Bill Cannon took a cross-country train trip from Chicago to the Grand Canyon the week before the Fourth, and wouldn’t you know, they met people with Wilkes County connections. They were traveling in the observation car on the train and a singer was providing entertainment and conversation among the passengers. He was asking where each passenger was from and what football team they supported. Lyn told him that Bill was a “Gator” fan from Florida, but she was a “Bulldog” fan from Georgia. When she said that, the lady in the seat just ahead of her, turned and said, “I’m a Bulldog, too, Class of 2001.” You can be sure that Lyn swapped seats with the lady’s husband and they found out all about each other. The lady was Suzanne Hill-Greeson and she lived in Washington-Wilkes in the 1980s. She teaches school in South Carolina now. She asked Lyn about Becky Stover, Kermit Hocutt, Laura Toburen, Jane Newsome, and others.


I will really need your help in getting this column written next week, for the July 14 News-Reporter. We are closed this week so I have not been able to make contacts to gather information. Please call and tell me what you did on the Fourth of July, or any other news that you can give me. The number is 706-678-2636.


I found the following "little something" in a 1981 "Of All Things" column by Smythe Newsome. It was titled “Something to Think About.” The author is unknown.

Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree

Discussing things as

They’re said to be. Said one to the others,

“Now listen you two,

There’s a certain rumor

That can’t be true -- “That man descended from our great race;

The very idea is

A blatant disgrace. “No monkey ever deserted his wife,

Starved her children

And ruined her life. “And you’ve never known a mother monk

To leave her babies

With others to bunk, “Or to pass them on from one to another

Till they scarcely know

Which one is their mother. “And another thing you’ll never see:

A monk build a fence

‘Round a coconut tree “And let the coconuts go to waste, Forbidding all other Monkeys a taste. “And here’s a thing a monkey won’t do;

Go out at night and get on a stew,

Or use a gun or a club or a knife

To take another monkey’s life. “Yes, man descended -- the onery cuss;

But brother, he didn’t

Descend from us!”


This edition of The News-Reporter, though “officially” dated July 7, was actually printed on Friday, July 1, to allow our staff members their much anticipated, and very much deserved, vacation. For several years now, we have produced two papers in one week just before the Fourth of July so that we can close for the week of the Fourth and take a vacation. So if you notice anything a little odd, or misdated, or not yet reported, please forgive us – it’s the only way we could figure to get a little time off. We also offer a big “Thank You” to all our contributors, correspondents, and especially our advertisers, for going along with our very advanced deadlines and helping us get this edition printed five days early. It didn’t hit the streets or the mailboxes until the regular times on Wednesday so maybe nobody will really notice. Special “extra help” was provided this week by Michael and Vonice Wells.


As a matter of fact, in our haste to produce two editions of both The News-Reporter and The Lincoln Journal, we decided to run last week’s in reverse order, with the Journal coming off the press first. In a moment of confusion, some of the News-Reporter B-sections got put inside the Lincoln Journal. Those papers then found themselves mixed in with subscriber copies of The News-Reporter to be addressed. Imagine the surprise some of our subscribers got when their papers arrived in the mail! We’ve replaced all we know about but if you didn’t get a proper News-Reporter last week, let us know and we’ll make it right. Sorry about that!

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