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Wilkes Coyote Club to hold tournament January 6 to reduce predatory population

In its ongoing effort to stop coyotes from killing cats, dogs, deer and livestock all over Wilkes County, the Wilkes Coyote Club is holding a tournament next weekend.

The tournament will be a threeman team event with registration from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Friday, January 6, at D&D Taxidermy and Processing, 673 Courtground Road in Rayle. “All hunters are welcome with a valid Georgia hunting license,” said Brent Marxsen, “and all youth must be accompanied by adults.”

In addition to the tournament, Wildlife Action is sponsoring a day of youth activities and a wild game cook-off on Sunday, January 8. Activities will include a .22 shoot, skeet shooting, archery shoot, and a rod and reel casting competition.

By Georgia wildlife laws, coyotes are considered non-game animals, and they can be hunted year-round with few limitations. Licensed hunters may hunt them with any legal weapon; electronic calls may be used, and they can be hunted at night with a light that does not exceed six volts.

“These coyotes are a serious problem in Wilkes County, killing cats, dogs, deer fawns, and livestock,” Marxsen said. “They’ll attack anything, and they’ve been seen even in town.”

Landowners who would like to participate and who want to rid their land of a few coyotes are encouraged to contact the club, he said, if they are willing to let a team hunt during this tournament. The top two teams with the most coyotes turned in will earn cash prizes. The entry fee is $75 per team with the option of entering into side pots for big, small, and black coyotes. Rules and registration forms are available at sites. google.com/site/wilkescoyoteclub.

For more information, contact Marxsen at 706-401-4809 or Gary Dobbs 706-990-0628.

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