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Many were helpful during Christmas at Callaway


Christmas 2011 at Callaway Plantation.

The Miracle of hope falls into place as the many volunteers, (decorators, musicians, maintenance workers, hostesses, and crafters) pull together to bring about the sharing and beauty of the Christmas Tour of Homes. The guests were in awe as they set their eyes to such ostentatious decorations of the past while listing to music and descriptions of each room. The staff at Callaway Plantation gladly received about 200 guests.

Thanks to talents and services of Mr. Buddy Patterson, Mr. Larry Cologie, Attorney and Mrs. Louis Ricciutti, Ms. Betty Martin & Family, Ms. Annie (Pie) Wilkerson, Ms. Jean Ballew, Mr. John Hunter, The Washington Plantation – Mrs. Barbara Chase and Debra Hill Elam, Mt. Carmel Baptist Church, The Iris Garden Club, Mrs. Ruth Harris and Students (Franny Robinson, Jil Trossen, Zachary Hill, Andrea Hill, Emily Beggs, Anna Beggs, Jenny Beggs, Lykah Mora, Ben Danner, Andrew Echols, Kim Sales, Casey Jackson and family of each student) Ingle’s Food Market, Mrs. Kathy Overstreet, Sew Delightful – Daniel Mathis, Ms. Elizabeth Mathis, Mrs. Sandra Mathis, Ms. Barbara Willis, Ms. Roxanne Cobb, Davenport McLendon Mortuary, Mrs. Terry Bridges, Ms. Mattie Harper, and Harper’s Painting and Construction – Mrs. Carolyn Harper. Also special thanks to the City of Washington – Mr. Bobby Mills and staff, Mr. David Wideman, the Electric Department and others for their constant assistant during this event.

Callaway Plantation is always looking for volunteers. Should you care to volunteer during group tours this spring or summer, please call Callaway Plantation at 706-678- 7060.

David VanHart director Olivia Jackson coordinator

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