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Willingham presents program on War of 1812 at DAR meeting

Skeet Willingham is welcomed by Ginny Broome to the DAR meeting. Skeet Willingham is welcomed by Ginny Broome to the DAR meeting. Robert (Skeet) Willingham, local author and historian, was guest speaker at the Kettle Creek Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution meeting, Monday, January 17, at the Washington Woman’s Club.

Following lunch, Ginny Broome introduced Mr. Willingham who presented a most interesting and informative program entitled “The War of l812,” giving the reasons for this war, the events that took placed during this time, and what America accomplished because of this conflict. It was during the war that Francis Scott Key wrote The Star-Spangled Banner.

Prior to the lunch and program Laura Toburen, regent, called the meeting to order. Guests and members were welcomed and hostesses, Charlotte Crowe, Edith Lindsey, Jane Owen, Patsy Bailey, and Jane Burton, were thanked for the lovely “snow globe” theme that adorned each table.

The DAR Ritual was carried out and The Star-Spangled Banner was sung by all as Anna Gunter provided the piano accompaniment.

Chaplain Ginny Broome offered the blessing for the lunch.

Following the program all were given a copy of the President General’s Message in which the President General, who is very interested in promoting American history in our schools and communities, states “to achieve responsible citizenship one must first have pride in that citizenship, along with a thorough understanding of our history and the moral, spiritual, and Constitutional values on which our freedoms are based. American History Month in February offers each DAR member and every American a chance to focus on all that is great about America and on the principles upon which it was founded.”

The National Defense Message was read by Carol Cartledge and concerned the homelessness of many of our veterans and efforts being made to see that all of these brave men and women have a place to call home.

Among the reports given during the business meeting was one from Jane Owen who noted the Chapter cookbooks would be available during the celebration of Kettle Creek Days in Washington and at the State Convention in Augusta in May. They are also available in several locations in Washington.

Members were encouraged to participate in the upcoming celebration of the Battle of Kettle Creek February 10-12 and a list of times and events was given to each member.

Pat Thomas was congratulated on recently receiving the SAR Medal of Appreciation.

It was announced the Washington- Wilkes Historical Foundation will sponsor a tour of the Kettle Creek Battle site on Sunday, January 29, at 2:30 p.m. Also the Washington- Wilkes Little Theater will present a play during the weekend of the celebration of the Revolutionary War Days concerning the Battle of Kettle Creek. Members were asked to help in making shirts for the puppets to be used in the play and could contact Ginny King for further information.

The next meeting will be Monday, February 20, at noon at the Woman’s Club at which time Lillie Crowe will present the program, “Mary Willis – the Woman.”

Present were members, Edith Lindsey, Paula Butts, Nancy Sisson, Patsy Bailey, Linda Chesnut, Phyllis Scarborough, Betty Slaton, Barbara Roberts, Joanne Pollock, Suzette Kopecky, Lindsey Owen, Jane Owen, Pat Thomas, Kathy Dinneweth, Charlotte Simmons, Cathy Armour, Carol Carraco, Amanda Aycock, Carol Cartledge, Debra Denard, Bootsie Averette, Anna Gunter, Charlotte Crowe, Jane Burton, Laura Toburen, Ginny Broome, and guests, Skeet Willingham, Ginny King, and Garvin Aycock.

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