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Read this and be happier

Washington is featured in the Georgia Living section of the February issue of Southern Living magazine. There are two full-color pages about visiting Washington-Wilkes, where to eat, where to stay, and what to do. Pictures are of the Robert Toombs House; last year’s Revolutionary Days Parade; Joe Barnett’s shrimp and grits at the Jockey Club; and the Fitzpatrick Hotel area. Places for dining featured are Fievet Pharmacy, Talk of the Town, May Sally’s Diner, and the Washington Jockey Club. Places to stay are the Fitzpatrick Hotel and Southern Elegance Bed and Breakfast. ... The writer says, “Few places really deserve the modifier ‘charming.’ Washington, with its grand antebellum and elegant Victorian homes, truly qualifies.”

Today (Thursday, January 26,) is the time for the “Carat” Cupcake Fundraiser Event sponsored by the Wills Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and Tena’s Fine Diamonds and Jewelry. Buy a cupcake (made by Kathryn Filipiak) for $4.00 and you may find a special surprise of a gem in it. Two special cupcakes will have diamonds in them. The event is from 5 to 7 p.m. at Tena’s. All proceeds go to the Wills Memorial Hospital Auxiliary for its many projects that benefit the hospital. The event last year was a huge success. ... Tickets are still available and today is the day for the event. We have tickets here at The News-Reporter and any member of the Auxiliary has tickets.

Following First Baptist Church’s quarterly meeting Sunday night, a “soup cook-off” was held in the Mary Callaway Burton Fellowship Hall. Members could sample as many as 15-20 pots of soup which members had brought and then vote for their favorite by placing money in a cup placed by the containers of soup. Kay Nelms’ broccoli-cheese soup won first place. Money collected will go to the MissionFuge mission trip this summer. Forty-five young people have already signed up for the trip to New Orleans. ... The youth group is averaging more than 70 for its Wednesday night Bible study and about 30 for the prayer breakfast held at McDonald’s on Tuesday mornings at seven o’clock.

I read this in "Consumer Reports on Health:" "People who read the newspaper reported higher levels of happiness ... while people who watched lots of television had lower happiness levels."

The Third Annual STARZ awards program, and the Washington Little Theater Co. general meeting, and Gala will be held Saturday, January 28, at 7 p.m., at the Bolton Lunceford Playhouse on North Alexander Avenue. Everybody is invited and there is no charge for attendance. It should be an entertaining evening with Henry Harris in the role of Master of Ceremonies. I’ve heard that Sonny and Cher may be back this year. Better go see!

We really got lots of rain during the weekend stormy weather. Norris on Hill Street says he got 1.85 inches during the weekend for a total of 2.25 for the week. Sonny at Tyrone got 1.7 inches last week. According to my gauge I got much more than that and I’m just not going to report it. I had two other people to read my gauge and they agreed with me, but I’m still not going to report it.

Organizers and promoters "in the know" say that more than 6,000 athletes have already signed up for the February 11-12 Tough Mudder extreme obstacle run that is expected to draw more than 10,000 participants to Washington-Wilkes for the weekend. The entry list is about 90 percent full and the Tough Mudder obstacle course is already under construction at Aonia Pass Motocross and spectators may purchase tickets in advance. The 10-12 mile obstacle courses include pits of icy water, frozen mud pits, live wires, flaming hay bales, and much more. The first obstacles will get runners wet and they will stay wet and cold most of the time. Wilkes County Emergency Medical Services Director Blake Thompson and other officials are already ready to deal with hypothermia (the main medical challenge) and related injuries.

Don't forget the benefit barbecue chicken dinner for the Villagorda family Saturday, January 28, at the Young Farmers building. Tickets must be purchased in advance by contacting Mandy Jackson at 706- 830-2002 or 706-678-9212. Money is desperately needed.

Another item from the wit and wisdom of the late Andy Rooney, sent to me last week by a friend, is this: “I’ve learned that simple walks with my father around the block on summer nights when I was a child did wonders for me as an adult.” ... My experience with my Daddy “rambling” around the streets of Washington at six o’clock on summer mornings when I was a child, did wonders for me as an adult as well.

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