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Letters to the editor

‘...about the rights of each free American’


Regarding letter of July 12 “Speak out against erosion of freedom.”

There is no nation in the world that experiences the religious freedoms as we do here in the United States. Most colleges/universities that I am familiar with have no problem allowing students to meet or congregate for Bible study or religious worship no matter what their denomination. However, everyone is entitled to their opinion and/or choice to accept or reject. As citizens we have a right to post “no solicitation” signs at our homes to avoid speaking to those who might want to impose their religious views on us as individuals. As a devout Christian, I respect the views of others as Jesus did when He sent His disciples out (Luke 10:10-12).

It would be shameful for a civilized society, such as ours, to return to the very same practices of murderous and illegal abortions because businesses, institutions, and religious establishments have decided that they no longer want to provide “preventive care” that would perhaps curtail many unwanted pregnancies. All Christians and nonbelievers make choices and will be held accountable for those choices, not by us but by God. Justifying denying preventive health care to our sisters and brothers negates the philosophy of the Bible (living by Fruit of the Spirit). Our freedoms, as Christians, are not based on political systems, issues, or politicians, but on Christ (Gal. 5).

I agree with Mr. Coe that we must pray for our leaders, but I also believe that to denounce the Affordable Health Care Act would be a disservice to our young people (many attending college that are on their parents’ insurance plans), seniors who would lose badly needed medicare or medicaid, and those who are unable to afford health care insurance. Of course, let our voices be heard and demand that we hear the positive as well as the negative. Every citizen in the United States should have access to health care, and abortion issues should not be the determining factor. It is about the rights of each free American.

Emma Jeferson

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