2012-08-02 / News

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We keep wishing the weather would get cooler, but it just stays so hot. I don’t have to go out very much, but I’m sorry for folks that have to work in the sun and for those who don’t have air conditioners.

. It’s hard to realize that school is starting this week. I don’t see why it has to begin in the hottest time of the year. Why not start the first of September like it did for so many years? But nothing is like it used to be, is it?

. Little Josephine Filipiak was sick all the week. Kathryn carried her to see a doctor in Augusta Wednesday. He said she had a virus. I talked with Kathryn Sunday evening and she said Josephine was feeling much better.

. Spending Saturday night with Reid and Kathryn Filipiak was Ed Hargrove of North Carolina who was one of Reid’s high school classmates.

. John and Trudy Sutherland attended the revival services at Fishing Creek Baptist Church Tuesday night.

. Visiting Pam and Ricky McCarty Tuesday evening were Rhonda Roberson, Teresa Burdette, and Beth Moore.

. Ann Marie Caldwell of Thomson visited Iris Dyson Tuesday morning. Charles Hopkins came Sunday afternoon and they went for a ride in the country.

. Agnes Hayden of Martinez came for a brief visit Thursday and had a late lunch with us.

. Pam McCarty visited Robbie and Curtis Tanner Saturday afternoon.

. John, Trudy, and Brad Sutherland attended the fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration of Manuel and Kathryn Hunter held at First Baptist Church in Washington Saturday afternoon.

. Sue Davis joined Lois and Coryer Poss and attended and enjoyed “Smoke on the Mountain” at the Bolton Lunceford Playhouse Friday night.

. I was sorry to hear that Sue Davis had a bad fall in her yard Saturday. She injured her arm and has been very sore, but says she is okay now.

. The best portion of a good person’s life is their little unremembered acts of kindness and of love.

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