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Iris Garden Club meets at FUMC for monthly meeting October 9

The Iris Garden Club met in Wesley Hall of First United Methodist Church on Tuesday, October 9.

Prior to the business meeting, members were served delicious refreshments by the hostesses, Laura Toburen, Betsy Wagner, Elizabeth Crabbe, and Anna Gunter.

President Jane Bundy presided and welcomed members and one guest. Dolle Olmstead read the Collect and Mrs. Bundy thanked the hostesses.

Mrs. Bundy reported that she, Polly Fievet and Debbie Holes would attend the Azalea District Meeting in Athens in October and all items donated by members for the Fig Leaf Projects will be taken to this meeting. Also Garden Club of Georgia Calendars that were ordered would be picked up at the meeting.

Mrs. Bundy asked each member to publicize the work of her committee by submitting photographs of their activities to The News-Reporter.

Brochures, handouts, and flyers were made available to members at the meeting concerning the many programs, workshops, and seminars that will be presented at the State Botanical Garden in Athens.

Other business of the club was discussed.

Polly Fievet reported she had met with Mayor Ames Barnett to discuss improvements that were needed in Fort Washington Park.

Karen Stubbs gave a horticultural comment on the “language” of plants and flowers using a bouquet of Alstroemeria, goldenrod, mint, ivy, and daisies to signify such expressions as “warmth of feeling, fidelity, and hope.”

Rena Strickland and MaryLou Dyer informed members of the duties and joys of the Garden Therapy committee’s monthly birthday observances at Heritage Healthcare of Wilkes.

In her program, Debbie Holes, first vice-president-programs, showed members how to make bay leaf wreaths and how to use them in table decorations. Three members were lucky recipients of wreaths.

Laura Toburen announced that singer Babbie Mason will give a concert with the theme, “Embraced by God,” on Saturday, March 9, at The Pope Center. Tickets for the event are $10.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, November 12, in the outdoor classroom at Washington-Wilkes Primary School during which time Ginny King, chairman of this committee, will give a tour of the newlyrestored garden/classroom.

Thirty-three members attended and included Linda Anthony, Cathy Armour, Brenda Bailey, Eleanor Blackmon, Judy Boswell, Gail Boyd, Jane Bundy, Sandy Burton, Paula Butts, Marcia Campbell, Amelia Chafin, Elizabeth Crabbe, Ann Crittenden, MaryLou Dyer, Nancy Farris, Jackie Gale, Anna Gunter, Dot Harris, Debbie Holes, Norma Hopkins, Nobie Keener, Nita Latimer, Lisa Luken, Nancy McAvoy, Dolle Olmstead, Marcia Paxton, Martha Read, Cissy Rogers, Rena Strickland, Karen Stubbs, Laura Toburen, Betsy Wagner, Patsy Winn, and member emeritus, Evelyn Bennett.

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