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I caved this week and opened a can of cranberry sauce. I could not wait until next week. Kelly looked dubious when I served it with mashed potatoes and fried deer cube, but it was delicious! It is such a shame to only enjoy certain treats once a year, so I started celebrating early.

. J.W. and Bonnie Boatwright traveled to Augusta on Tuesday, November 6, for J.W.’s appointment at the VA hospital. He received an injection in his knee, but is doing just fine.

. On Wednesday, November 7, J.W. and Bonnie Boatwright met Frankie Jones, Martha Jones, James and Sharon Smith at Fatz Café for a celebratory dinner in honor of Sharon’s birthday. They were all delighted to have J.W. and Bonnie’s granddaughter, Rachel Gamble of Buford, in attendance for the special occasion.

. Kenny Poss was honored with a birthday dinner on Friday, November 9. His fiancée, Kim Bridges, hosted at her home, and they were joined by Kenny’s daughters and granddaughters, Niki Dooley with Kayleigh, and Sam Parker with Hallie. Kim’s mother Sheryl was also there, as well as Kim’s daughter, Lindsey Spratlin and her boyfriend, Tyler. They enjoyed an “Over the Hill” cake to signify Kenny’s 50th birthday, which was Monday, November 12.

. Sardis Baptist Church held a fall festival for neighborhood children on Saturday, November 10. A hotdog supper was enjoyed, and lots of fun was had by both children and adults.

. Meghan and Adam Fortson, TJ Bunch, Erin Escoe, Kelly and I cohosted a couples baby shower at our home, honoring Josh and Lindley Callaway, on Saturday, November 10. We enjoyed spending time with friends and celebrating the highly anticipated arrival of Sawyer Callaway! Maebrynn was especially excited to find that “Miss Lindley” left a newborn diaper for her to put on her babydoll. She is practicing to babysit for “Miss Lindley and Uncle Josh.”

. Pastor Jim Newsome shared the message, “Wisdom,” with scripture from Proverbs, at Sardis Baptist Church on Sunday, November 11. Joyce Fry led the church in song with Pam Hall playing the piano. Monica Gunter directed the dedication of the shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child during the morning service. Children proudly carried their shoeboxes from the foyer to Jasmine Fry and Meredith Gunter, who placed them on the communion table. Madison Gunter reported that 46 shoeboxes were filled by approximately 18 children. Courtney and Madison Gunter held Children’s church in the annex. Lindley Callaway was honored with a lovely baby shower on Sunday, November 11, at Sardis Baptist Church, which Maebrynn and I were delighted to attend. Martha Hall and Joann Echols hosted family night, with a delicious covered-dish meal and mission meetings on Sunday evening. The Paradise family and others will be performing at the gospel singing to take place December 8 at 6:00 P.M. Everyone is invited to attend.

. Bonnie Boatwright, Kay Berry, Kaitlyn, Bryson, and Kaidyn Porter ate lunch at McDonald’s in Washington following Sunday’s church services.

. Christmas play practice has begun at County Line Baptist Church. Children practice on Sunday evenings at 5:30 P.M. The women’s choir practices at 5:00 P.M. The church is currently inviting neighbors to join both projects.

. Happy early birthday to my mother-in-law, Pat Armour. She will celebrate her day on Saturday, November 17. Happy Birthday to Donnie Crawford as well. Although he claims to have rescheduled his birthday, I believe he will be celebrating on the same day!

. Please remember the Williford family in thoughts and prayers, as well as the families of Elizabeth Denard, Dennis Hemphill, and James Hogan during their time of mourning. Let us continue to lift the following in prayer as they seek healing and strength: Nita Allen, Nina Boatwright, Simon and Agnes Bridges, Richard Burkett, Dorothy Callaway, Ruby Chafin, Ann Cook, Thomas and Ann Fleming, Nell Hubbard, Bud Moon, G.B. Newsome, C.J. Rogers, Reese Smith, Gary Stewart, Wayne Taylor, Clay and Nichole Thompson, Aiden Tidwell, Becky Wilson, and Don Wheatley.

. If you missed the opportunity to thank a veteran on Sunday or Monday, take the time today. I am so proud of my grandfathers, uncles, and cousins who served our country, as well as my brother-in-law, Trent Dauler, who will soon be bringing my baby sister home from Camp Pendleton for good, but I am most proud of my husband, Kelly Armour. He inspires me with his strength, resolve, and dedication. He is my hero on Veteran’s day and every day!

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